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Kim Woo Bin Hops on a Motorcycle for “The Heirs”

With only a few days left before its pilot, Those Who Want To Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight, The Heirs/ 왕관을 쓰려는자, 그무게를 견뎌라-상속자들 stars are all busy filming. Lee Min Ho is seating-in in some American University trying his best to learn some business sense or at least that’s what his character in the drama, Kim Tan is trying to do, Park Shin Hye juggles her homework with her day job and daydreams by the seashore looking pretty. Kim Woo Bin on the other hand, is the “king of cool”, sitting on a motorbike looking like a modern-day knight in shining armor. The actor along with co-star Kim Ji Won were snapped by they’re Chinese fans recently filming some scenes for the drama.

It is interesting to note that before School 2013, both Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk were just “relatively” popular but after their “bromance” on screen which made many ajumas go ga-ga. Now, even their personal lives are under scrutiny. Recently, Kim Woo Bin admitted his relationship with model-girlfriend. I’m pretty sure a lot of hearts were broken and ajumas are cursing the very existance of that pretty girl. I’m not one of them I swear! I think he’s aight. That is all.

The anticipation for this drama is high specially with the younger demographics, undoubtedly because of the good looking cast. Although that very same theory didn’t quite work for To The Beautiful You. I will surely check it out on October 9 if only to see how it matches up to Boys Over Flowers. I will reserve my opinion till then.

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The Face Reader Breaks Box Office Records on its 3rd Week

Official The Face Reader Movie Poster


Three weeks after it’s opening day, September 11, The Face Reader (관상) has mobilized a crowd of 8,046,362 (based on Korean Film Council data as of September 30) and still counting.

The movie attracted 6.35 million moviegoers over the 5-day (from Wednesday to Sunday) Chuseok holidays. It is thus far,only the 3rd movie in South Korea to have done so.

In 6 days it overtook the record previously held by The Host (2006) having attracted 6 million viewers. It has also surpassed the 7 million mark only after 13 days beating the record previously set by The Thieves which ended its run at 13 million viewers.

With a strong story masterfully woven by director Han Jae Rim about a skilled physiognomist named Nae Kyung (Song Kang Ho) who can judge a person’s character and fate. He travels from the countryside to city in the hope of carving a name for himself. He is then embroiled in a power struggle leading to the revolt of Kim Jong Seo (Baek Yoon Sik), a loyal subject of King Munjong against the power hungry Prince Yoo Sang (Lee Jung Jae). Backed with a star studded cast of Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jong Suk and Jo Jung Suk, the movie has box-office success written all over it.

It also proves that the Korean moviegoers love historical movies during the Mid-Atumn Festival (Chuseok) with last year’s “The Masquerade” attracting over 10 million moviegoers. It is only a matter of time whether The Face Reader can duplicate this feat or fall short.

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29th China Golden Rooster Film Awards — Red Carpet and Winners

The 22nd Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the 29th Golden Rooster Awards ceremony was held today September 28 in Wuhan. The red carpet came alive with the biggest stars from the Chinese entertainment.  Six films competed for the Best Feature Film category including Zhang Guoli’s 1942 一九四二年 which is the biggest winner of the night including Best Film, Best Screenplay, Special Jury award and Best Actor for Zhang Guoli tied with China’s number one hearthrob Huang Xiao Ming for American Dreams in China/中国合伙人.  Peter Chan won Best Director for the film as well.  Song Jia was the night’s Best Actress for her role in Falling Flowers/萧红. Best Supporting Actress award went to Wang Luo Dan for Caught in the Web while Wang Qing Xiang brought home the Best Supporting Actor trophy for The Grand Master/一代宗师. Vicky Zhao Wei also won a golden horse for her directorial debut So Young/致我们终将逝去的青春.


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Cover Wars — Jolin Tsai VS Vivian Hsu (Taiwan)

September is about end. You could almost feel the breeze of winter.  Before welcoming October let us feast our eyes on two equally gorgeous Taiwanese stars in their individual magazine covers.

JOLIN Tsai – Known as Taiwan’s Pop Princess for Marie Claire

She hopped on the plane straight to the busy streets of New York for this Urban Inspired Photoshoot clothes accessories ranges from Marc Jacobs, Prada, Lacoste, Longchamp to Adidas.

jolin cover jolin4 Prada, Longchamp

VIVIAN Hsu A face of an angel with a devil’s body for VOGUE

She has been in the industry longer than you think. She goes retro glam for this photoshoot.  Donning a green laced long dress from Andrew GN, Horse animal patterned jacket from Longchamp plus Oxford shoes, Leopard leather gloves and tiger short dress both from Lanvin and Lamb Pilei Si ink blue short dress,white high-heeled ankle boots from Valentino.

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Shawn Wei Becomes Emperor Kang Xi in The Duke of Mount Deer Reboot

wei qian xiang

Wei Qian Xiang or Shawn Wei has just recently come back to the mainland after a  trip to Taiwan to meet his fans. He has amassed a score of screaming female followers there following the success of King Lan Ling where he played Xue Wu‘s (Ariel Lin) loyal sidekick Xiao Dong.  His passionate portrayal has won over many hearts including mine. I admit I didn’t know he existed prior to KLL. And afterwards I had to google his name and found out who the hunk was.  I dare say he has earned some bragging rights after fans bestowed on him the moniker  “The 3rd Male God” How’s that for a nickname? I bet he doesn’t care who’s first or second. Man, he’s third! He’s officially in the radar.

As if to prove this, he is playing meatier roles of late.  And what could be meatier than playing Emperor Kang Xi in the latest TV adaptation of The Duke of Mount Deer.  Many actors have expressed their desire to play such a character who is known for its complexity and depth. The most notable of which was Nicky Wu‘s version in Bu Bu Jing Xin which made him relevant again if I might add.

The Duke of Mount Deer is based on the well loved wuxia novel by Jin Yong and has been adapted numerous times including the 1984 TVB version with the then very fresh Andy Lau as Kang Xi and Tony Leung as Wai Siu Bo. The lastest adaptation was in 2008 with Huang Xiao Ming as the hero Wei Xiao Bao with Wallace Chung as Emperor Kang Xi having the English title Royal Tramp. This latest version which has begun production in August will have Han Dong as the lead. I have nothing against Han Dong, he can play tramp with aplomb. Although I must say that seeing the first official teasers of him as Wei Xiao Bao had me in stitches. I’m not saying it’s laughable because it’s not. His facial mannerisms just make me laugh in a way the other two (Huang Xiao Ming and Tony Leung) never did.

The target airing will be next year and that’s still a few months off.  So now I have no choice but to be content in watching Shawn’s Wei’s mainland drama Love Band Aid just to get my fill. It’s not that bad, I like Joanne  Zeng anyway who’s playing his love interest. And most probably I’ll re-watch King of Lan Ling or watch his other dramas starting off with last years’ Agent X.


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MBC’s Empress Ki Holds First Script Reading


MBC is unleashing it’s fourth-quarter drama special, the powerhouse of saguek proportions that is Empress Ki/ 기황후 with Lee Sung Joon directing. Probably MBC is aiming to duplicate what he has done with Moon Embracing the Sun which saw a rating of over 40% which is rare to come by these days. The pressure is on for the actors lead by Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki), Joo Jin Mo (King Chung Hye of Goryeo), Ji Chang Wook (Emperor Huizong of Yuan) and supporting cast members Kim Seo Hyung (Empress Dowager), Lee Won Jong (Eunuch Dok Man Jil),Kim Young Ho (Baek An) etc.

During the script reading held a few days ago at MBC’s Dream Center, the actors were all serious. Maybe they were all thinking what I’m thinking –how to overcome and win over the audience once again after the wreck caused by Goddess of Fire Jung Yi which was a dud in all sense of the word! Or probably they are just internalizing their roles and getting the feel of their individual characters. Anyhow, the whole cast looks great. As I have said, a lot is riding on this sageuk . Many other sageuks which came before held a lot of promise at first but fizzled in the end –case in point, Goddess of Fire Jung Yi, Jang Ok Jung Living by Love. It takes more than just a perfect cast. It needs a solid story to back it up. A 50 episode epic which tells the story of Empress Ki’s battles and reign . It’s first broadcast will be on the second half of October.

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Marry Him If You Dare Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa Convenience Store Date


I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to start watching Marry Him if You Dare/Future Choice that nowadays, I literally stalk KBS‘ webpage just to know the latest piece of news. I feel like a lap dog waiting for someone to throw me a bone, literally! Any news is good enough for me.

Seeing the teasers of Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa gives me mixed emotions.
I got to be honest. From the very beginning I doubted if Jung Yong Hwa could hold up to Yoon Eun Hye‘s screen presence. It’s not only about his age but his acting ability which concerns me. And I have a cause to worry because YEH’s previous drama Missing You with Park Yoo Chun did not do so well (and that is sugar coating it) I don’t know what went wrong because both are great actors and both have strong screen appeal. PYC being younger was not it as well. In fact,there seems to be a trend in Korean dramas recently, that is pairing up “older” female actresses with younger ones. Some were really believable and some were bordering on pathetic. We have seen Lee Seung Gi romanced Ha Ji Won in King 2 Hearts with conviction while Kim Soo Hyun worked him charms on Han Ga In in Moon Embracing the Sun. Both dramas were hugely popular among fans and critics alike and their chemistry unquestionable. Just recently, Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk made everyone squel and marvel on their on-screen chemistry in I Hear Your Voice. That’s just it! It’s all about plain, old, chemistry. There is no denying that YEH and Lee Dong Gun has got the sparks. But a good support would make the drama even more meaningful to watch. I like it when the second male lead is just as good as the main. If from the get-go the result is already clear, what’s the point in watching?! So I hope that JYH can bring his A-game on. These photos are not that bad. In fact, they’re kinda cute. Dating in front of a convenience store, getting drunk , followed by loving gazes and a walk home. A recipe for romantic feels. It’s “kinda” there. Don’t you think so? Or maybe I want it so much to work that I am imagining things. Whatever the case may be, I would still be sitting in the front line come October14th for it’s premiere.

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Airport Fashion — September 26

Dressing down is never easy. It takes more than just labels, it’s all about attitude. Casual, usually separates  phoenix from pigeons.

This week on the (airport) runway.


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Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying –From Reel to Real?


There is one thing that people should understand about fans, once we (I include myself because I am a self confessed tard) ship an OTP nothing in this world could make us stop shipping it even long after the drama/series is over. Not even when the writers try to create “romantic” moments with another character just to break that OTP.  I mean literally –NOTHING. We celebrate with it, cry with it and even go down in flames with it.  And with most fandoms, we most often than not, wish that our OTP’s become real-life couples. We dissect every detail of every picture just to prove that “something” is going on with our OTP in real life. I don’t know why but that’s just how we feel. Personally,this way,  I feel like I am a part of their journey as a couple.

Mainland newbies Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying is a classic example of this. The two have starred in dramas, Gong 2, Female Prime Minister, and the yet unreleased Angelababy starrer, Yun Zhong Ge. They were also paired up in the movie The Palace. Although they will not in any way share a scene together in The Condor Heroes (Return of the Condor Heroes 2014), technically that is still considered working in one series. Zhao Li Ying will be playing Mu Nianci (previously played by Liu Shi Shi) the mother of Yang Guo which is Chen Xiao’s character. So there will be no romantic relationship at all. But oh no! It does not stop the fandoms to demand that Michelle Chen be replaced by Zhao Li Ying instead because she fits the Little Dragon Mainden‘s specifications better. To be brutally honest, I cannot agree more! I do think that aesthetically, ZLY would have been a perfect fit. Oh but well, what can we do? So it is probably of no coincidence that now people are saying or rather “claiming” that CH and ZLY are in fact “sweethearts” in real life. Pictures of the two holding hands, whispering sweetly to each other and seemingly innocent stuff are making the rounds in the mainland networking sites. Of course their agencies were quick to deny this. But fans will believe what they want to believe, trust me. With the frustration over Yu Zheng’s casting choices, I can’t blame the fandoms for thinking this way. Heck! I wish it were true myself!

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Yoon Eun Hye Belts Her Heart Out in Latest Teasers


As October comes closer, more and more cute BTS and teasers are released to pump up excitement for Yoon Eun Hye‘s comeback drama, Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice). Dressed in a sparkling, sequined dress which reminds you of disco Barbie, plus her (now) signature “ramen” haristyle, YEH brings back the strong, cheerful and lovable personality that I love and missed. I’m not saying that I don’t want to see her do other characters because I did like her as the posh and pampered young miss in Take Care of the Young Lady.  I just love this side of her more.  Past dramas like, Goong and The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince made a fan out of me.

In this shoot which was held just a few days ago, Mi Rae (YEH), went on stage unleashing the inner diva in her just to win a resort ticker which her company sponsored. Whoever wins, gets the prize. I can almost imagine how it would play out! I’m pretty sure, Lee Gong Gun is by the sideline trying not to fall in love with her and Jung Yong Hwa suppressing a snicker or a smile. Can’t wait to see this!  Although it won’t be the first time for her to sing in a drama (she did sing a duet with Kang Ji Hwan in Lie to Me) it will be a whole new thing watching her sing not in a “norebang”  this time around.


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