BTS from Yu Zheng’s “Craptastic” Adaptation The Condor Heroes 2014 with Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen


As if I haven’t puked enough! Sorry I feel acidic today hence the sour mouth. No offense meant to those who wish this adaptation would never see the light of day, but looks to me that there’s no stopping this (yes people in spite of all the flack it’s getting from the public). And to think that I was actually hoping that probably it won’t be that bad, yet, pictures don’t lie do they?! I just love Xiao Long Nu so much and the memory of Liu Yi Fei in the white dress so beautiful and ethereal like she is supposed to be makes me want to go up in arms against Michelle Chen (no personal offense to her as I don’t love her nor hate her). She “STILL” just look so wrong for the part. Oh well, don’t mind me. At least Chen Xiao looks good even if I want to kill his stylist.

Here are some BTS of The Condor Heroes (2014). Enjoy (if you can)!

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6 thoughts on “BTS from Yu Zheng’s “Craptastic” Adaptation The Condor Heroes 2014 with Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen

  1. xiao jie

    i might pass on this one

  2. annie (obviously)

    sorry, but I think xiao long nu by michelle chen looks fantastic. I really want to see this new adaptation. Can you Chinese just stop judging for a day and ponder upon your own beauties and see that this girls qualify than most of you are. AND by the way, due to constant flood of criticism, noone is happy. Demi god semi devil hasn’t been shown fast enough and that really gets on my nerve. If I don’t see this adaption by 2014, I’m gonna be really pissed..BY another way, because you criticize too much, it gonna confuse the director and destroy this adaptation also. FOR GOD SAKE, STOP CRITICIZING CAUSE SOMEONE ISN’t GOOD ENOUGH.

  3. annie (obviously)

    SHE IS NOT A PIG. STop ganging up on this beautiful girl. :D. K I’m done

  4. Ginny Foo

    omg! hope you know what you are writing.

  5. annie (obviously)

    well, yes I do. Chinese adaptations should be renewed since we have seen condor heroes many times. We are changing the novel not the author’s pace maker. It’s not gonna hurt him.

  6. Ginny Foo

    why are you so agitated over this issue there is criticism there shd be improvement think positive you feel better

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