Taiwan’s Advertising Kings and Queen — Show Luo on Top


They say that it’s lonely on top but I guess that’s not always true. Taiwan’s number 1 “AD King” this year is no other than multi-media star Show Luo. I’m pretty sure he’s laughing all the way to the bank. He made a total of 17 endorsements (which means you can practically see his face everywhere!) and raked in a total of 489 million yuan. A big chunk of that came from a very lucrative hamburger chain deal (yes it’s that one with a Mac), a clothing brand, a gadget, a facial wash, a tea drink, a hair product, and many others. Coming in a close second is former number one and still “AD Queen” Pop Idol Jolin Tsai who made 411 million yuan out of 15 ads (not bad eh even after taking a long break this year!). Rounding off the top 5 are Lee Hom Wang with 10, 289M, Mayday with 8, 168M and Rainie Yang with 15, 150M, at 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. You may have noticed that Rainie made the same number of ads as Jolin but there’s a big difference in the total earnings. Well that is simple because Rainie’s asking price per endorsement is only 5M yuan while Jolin price is 8M yuan.

Top 5 Endorsement Earners

1. Show Luo – A total of 489 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 6,000,000 yuan Chinese about 33.66 million yuan NT count 17

2. Jolin Tsai – A total of 411 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 8,000,000 yuan Chinese about 31.25 million yuan NT count 15

3. Leehom Wang – A total 289 million yuan, 15 million yuan of Taiwan ˙ advertising price of about 28.85 million yuan China NT count 10

4. Mayday – A total of 168 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 6,000,000 yuan Chinese about 29.45 million yuan NT count 8

5 Rainie Yang – total 150 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 5,000,000 yuan Chinese about 21.63 million yuan NT count 15


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