“Medical Top Team” Press Presentation Held in Seoul


The press launch of MBC’s newest Wednesday-Thursday drama,Medical Top Team was held today in Seoul. Everyone from the main cast, Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Oh Yeon Seo, Min Ho, to the director Kim Do Hoon who’s previous drama was the ratings juggernaut Moon Embracing the Sun (which also made a star out of  Kim Soo Hyun)and production staff were present at the event. As expected and customary, the actors shared their experience working with each other and shared some funny anecdotes about some “firsts” which they have learned from each other.  But I’m not gonna talk about that nor about the drama. Because what caught my attention really was what they had on. Yep! Fashion baby!

The cast must have received a memo that it’ll be a black and white affair because all of the stars were wearing precisely that –black and white. It was difficult to tell which one among the three men looked better in a suit but personally I like Min Ho’s style. He showed up dressed in a blue and maroon tartan, paired with black pants and white shirt accentuated with a black vest. He looked like a schoolkid to be honest but it is age appropriate so he carried the look rather well. Joo Ji Hoon chose to be a bit casual with a black jacket and black pants matched with a cute blue and white shirt. His best accessory though was his hair. It has grown longer thank God! It’s not as severe as it had been. Kwon Sang Woo on the other hand looked dapper in a black ensemble plus a sleek comb back hair. Can’t go wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with Jung Ryeo Won’s all white tailored,smart white blouse and skirt. I even love those over-sized dangling black earrings she’s wearing but I just don’t understand what compelled her to wear those fugly gray boots! A nice wedge would have been alright or booties would have been fine. In contrast, Oh Yeon Seo is a picture of modern feminine chic. I like the navy blue lace blouse and white skirt paired with lace-up black booties which I particularly like because I do have the exact same shoes hah!

Regardless of the fashion, I’m pretty sure they will be wearing smock gowns for the drama which is not that fashionable unless you’re Dr. McDreamy of course. It will air October 2nd replacing Two Weeks.


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