Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying –From Reel to Real?


There is one thing that people should understand about fans, once we (I include myself because I am a self confessed tard) ship an OTP nothing in this world could make us stop shipping it even long after the drama/series is over. Not even when the writers try to create “romantic” moments with another character just to break that OTP.  I mean literally –NOTHING. We celebrate with it, cry with it and even go down in flames with it.  And with most fandoms, we most often than not, wish that our OTP’s become real-life couples. We dissect every detail of every picture just to prove that “something” is going on with our OTP in real life. I don’t know why but that’s just how we feel. Personally,this way,  I feel like I am a part of their journey as a couple.

Mainland newbies Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying is a classic example of this. The two have starred in dramas, Gong 2, Female Prime Minister, and the yet unreleased Angelababy starrer, Yun Zhong Ge. They were also paired up in the movie The Palace. Although they will not in any way share a scene together in The Condor Heroes (Return of the Condor Heroes 2014), technically that is still considered working in one series. Zhao Li Ying will be playing Mu Nianci (previously played by Liu Shi Shi) the mother of Yang Guo which is Chen Xiao’s character. So there will be no romantic relationship at all. But oh no! It does not stop the fandoms to demand that Michelle Chen be replaced by Zhao Li Ying instead because she fits the Little Dragon Mainden‘s specifications better. To be brutally honest, I cannot agree more! I do think that aesthetically, ZLY would have been a perfect fit. Oh but well, what can we do? So it is probably of no coincidence that now people are saying or rather “claiming” that CH and ZLY are in fact “sweethearts” in real life. Pictures of the two holding hands, whispering sweetly to each other and seemingly innocent stuff are making the rounds in the mainland networking sites. Of course their agencies were quick to deny this. But fans will believe what they want to believe, trust me. With the frustration over Yu Zheng’s casting choices, I can’t blame the fandoms for thinking this way. Heck! I wish it were true myself!

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4 thoughts on “Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying –From Reel to Real?

  1. chinggay

    She looks so cute. They make a cute couple. Where can I watch The Palace?

  2. jerry's girl

    Cute couple^^. I might actually watch this despite all the hate.

  3. Ginny Foo

    with all the gesture hopefully this adorable couples move on as one. Happy to see they are happy

  4. Ginny Foo

    16 oct coming soon will they meet up. Looking forward

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