Marry Him If You Dare Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa Convenience Store Date


I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to start watching Marry Him if You Dare/Future Choice that nowadays, I literally stalk KBS‘ webpage just to know the latest piece of news. I feel like a lap dog waiting for someone to throw me a bone, literally! Any news is good enough for me.

Seeing the teasers of Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa gives me mixed emotions.
I got to be honest. From the very beginning I doubted if Jung Yong Hwa could hold up to Yoon Eun Hye‘s screen presence. It’s not only about his age but his acting ability which concerns me. And I have a cause to worry because YEH’s previous drama Missing You with Park Yoo Chun did not do so well (and that is sugar coating it) I don’t know what went wrong because both are great actors and both have strong screen appeal. PYC being younger was not it as well. In fact,there seems to be a trend in Korean dramas recently, that is pairing up “older” female actresses with younger ones. Some were really believable and some were bordering on pathetic. We have seen Lee Seung Gi romanced Ha Ji Won in King 2 Hearts with conviction while Kim Soo Hyun worked him charms on Han Ga In in Moon Embracing the Sun. Both dramas were hugely popular among fans and critics alike and their chemistry unquestionable. Just recently, Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk made everyone squel and marvel on their on-screen chemistry in I Hear Your Voice. That’s just it! It’s all about plain, old, chemistry. There is no denying that YEH and Lee Dong Gun has got the sparks. But a good support would make the drama even more meaningful to watch. I like it when the second male lead is just as good as the main. If from the get-go the result is already clear, what’s the point in watching?! So I hope that JYH can bring his A-game on. These photos are not that bad. In fact, they’re kinda cute. Dating in front of a convenience store, getting drunk , followed by loving gazes and a walk home. A recipe for romantic feels. It’s “kinda” there. Don’t you think so? Or maybe I want it so much to work that I am imagining things. Whatever the case may be, I would still be sitting in the front line come October14th for it’s premiere.

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