MBC’s Empress Ki Holds First Script Reading


MBC is unleashing it’s fourth-quarter drama special, the powerhouse of saguek proportions that is Empress Ki/ 기황후 with Lee Sung Joon directing. Probably MBC is aiming to duplicate what he has done with Moon Embracing the Sun which saw a rating of over 40% which is rare to come by these days. The pressure is on for the actors lead by Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki), Joo Jin Mo (King Chung Hye of Goryeo), Ji Chang Wook (Emperor Huizong of Yuan) and supporting cast members Kim Seo Hyung (Empress Dowager), Lee Won Jong (Eunuch Dok Man Jil),Kim Young Ho (Baek An) etc.

During the script reading held a few days ago at MBC’s Dream Center, the actors were all serious. Maybe they were all thinking what I’m thinking –how to overcome and win over the audience once again after the wreck caused by Goddess of Fire Jung Yi which was a dud in all sense of the word! Or probably they are just internalizing their roles and getting the feel of their individual characters. Anyhow, the whole cast looks great. As I have said, a lot is riding on this sageuk . Many other sageuks which came before held a lot of promise at first but fizzled in the end –case in point, Goddess of Fire Jung Yi, Jang Ok Jung Living by Love. It takes more than just a perfect cast. It needs a solid story to back it up. A 50 episode epic which tells the story of Empress Ki’s battles and reign . It’s first broadcast will be on the second half of October.

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