Shawn Wei Becomes Emperor Kang Xi in The Duke of Mount Deer Reboot

wei qian xiang

Wei Qian Xiang or Shawn Wei has just recently come back to the mainland after a  trip to Taiwan to meet his fans. He has amassed a score of screaming female followers there following the success of King Lan Ling where he played Xue Wu‘s (Ariel Lin) loyal sidekick Xiao Dong.  His passionate portrayal has won over many hearts including mine. I admit I didn’t know he existed prior to KLL. And afterwards I had to google his name and found out who the hunk was.  I dare say he has earned some bragging rights after fans bestowed on him the moniker  “The 3rd Male God” How’s that for a nickname? I bet he doesn’t care who’s first or second. Man, he’s third! He’s officially in the radar.

As if to prove this, he is playing meatier roles of late.  And what could be meatier than playing Emperor Kang Xi in the latest TV adaptation of The Duke of Mount Deer.  Many actors have expressed their desire to play such a character who is known for its complexity and depth. The most notable of which was Nicky Wu‘s version in Bu Bu Jing Xin which made him relevant again if I might add.

The Duke of Mount Deer is based on the well loved wuxia novel by Jin Yong and has been adapted numerous times including the 1984 TVB version with the then very fresh Andy Lau as Kang Xi and Tony Leung as Wai Siu Bo. The lastest adaptation was in 2008 with Huang Xiao Ming as the hero Wei Xiao Bao with Wallace Chung as Emperor Kang Xi having the English title Royal Tramp. This latest version which has begun production in August will have Han Dong as the lead. I have nothing against Han Dong, he can play tramp with aplomb. Although I must say that seeing the first official teasers of him as Wei Xiao Bao had me in stitches. I’m not saying it’s laughable because it’s not. His facial mannerisms just make me laugh in a way the other two (Huang Xiao Ming and Tony Leung) never did.

The target airing will be next year and that’s still a few months off.  So now I have no choice but to be content in watching Shawn’s Wei’s mainland drama Love Band Aid just to get my fill. It’s not that bad, I like Joanne  Zeng anyway who’s playing his love interest. And most probably I’ll re-watch King of Lan Ling or watch his other dramas starting off with last years’ Agent X.


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