The Face Reader Breaks Box Office Records on its 3rd Week

Official The Face Reader Movie Poster


Three weeks after it’s opening day, September 11, The Face Reader (관상) has mobilized a crowd of 8,046,362 (based on Korean Film Council data as of September 30) and still counting.

The movie attracted 6.35 million moviegoers over the 5-day (from Wednesday to Sunday) Chuseok holidays. It is thus far,only the 3rd movie in South Korea to have done so.

In 6 days it overtook the record previously held by The Host (2006) having attracted 6 million viewers. It has also surpassed the 7 million mark only after 13 days beating the record previously set by The Thieves which ended its run at 13 million viewers.

With a strong story masterfully woven by director Han Jae Rim about a skilled physiognomist named Nae Kyung (Song Kang Ho) who can judge a person’s character and fate. He travels from the countryside to city in the hope of carving a name for himself. He is then embroiled in a power struggle leading to the revolt of Kim Jong Seo (Baek Yoon Sik), a loyal subject of King Munjong against the power hungry Prince Yoo Sang (Lee Jung Jae). Backed with a star studded cast of Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jong Suk and Jo Jung Suk, the movie has box-office success written all over it.

It also proves that the Korean moviegoers love historical movies during the Mid-Atumn Festival (Chuseok) with last year’s “The Masquerade” attracting over 10 million moviegoers. It is only a matter of time whether The Face Reader can duplicate this feat or fall short.

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