Wu Chun Finally Admits, He is Now a Father and a Husband


Why am I not surprised about this at all? I guess it’s because it’s been common knowledge since forever that he is in fact committed to his high school sweetheart. I remember this news was so big back in 2011 but he downplayed it then and his agency denied it. I, myself actually believed it then. Flash forward 2013 — with a new book coming out tomorrow, aptly titled 決定勇敢 “Courageous Decision” he finally decided to come out in the open about his personal life. The press conference will be held tomorrow wherein the press is expecting him to confirm this news which is in fact already posted on his official website.

What news you ask?
He is married to his sweetheart of about 18 years whom he meet at the age of 16 and a father to a 2 and a half year old cute baby girl. Yes, the once Fahrenheit member is a husband and father. He said that the reason for his denial in the past was to protect his family from public scrutiny. I totally understand where he’s coming from. The public can be really scary and over zealous at times. Mayhaps, he just didn’t want the papz snapping pictures of his wife and daughter. But some fans are of course crying themselves to death and mourning their loss. What loss?! Good riddance! Get a hold of yourselves (crazy) women. The guy deserves to be happy! So be good and be happy for him.

I remember seeing Chun Ge for the first time in Tokyo Juliet (with Ariel Lin). I thought at first -this guy can’t act but sure is cute! He then joined the group Fahrenheit along with Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan and the rest as they say is history. I still think he needs some acting workshop until now though.

I too am a (zealous) fan (not of him though) and I do get jealous when I hear rumors of my “ai ren” rendezvousing with some ladies. We can dream but then we should know what’s impossible and what’s real.

Congratulations Chun Ge and best wishes!

He's taken ladies! Retract those claws!

He’s taken ladies! Retract those claws!

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