Basketball — tvN’s Newest Monday Drama with Do Ji Han


While everyone is busy talking about the super “hyped” The Heirs which brings together some of South Korea’s hottest and best looking young actors, over at the other side of the fence, tvN is quietly cooking up a dish with a whole lot of spice, flavor, aroma, so pleasing to the eyes that it’s mouthwatering!

Basketball/빠스껫볼 a drama set during the Japanese regime (1939-1948) a tumultuous time in Korean history and will center on the story about the first and only basketball team which made history by advancing to the quarterfinals of the 1948 London Olympics.

It will follow the story of a regular village-boy, Kang San played by Do Ji Han in his first lead role(you may remember him in his bit role in Incarnation of Money) who’s dream is to make it into the national basketball team. But will he be able to surpass or even compare to the “ace” of the team Min Chi Ho? which is played by Jung Dong Hyun, who’s an inspiration to all during those hard times. The two will be bitter rivals in sports and in love. A journey of self discovery and triumph set in the guise of sports but with a lot of political undertones, plus some sweet array of eye candy makes this drama a worthy addition to my watchlist.

There aren’t many sports centered dramas around, which makes this one sort of unique. Once in a while I do like this flavor, one particular favorite comes to mind, HOT SHOT. A Taiwanese drama about basketball. The story is nothing much and most of the scenes are overdone and cliche yet it boasted 3 of Taiwan’s hottest male idols Jerry Yan, Wu Chun and Show Luo. The 3 of them in one drama was all the reason I needed. Too much eye candy!

Basketball has more than this to offer. It has a bit of grit which I like. It starts airing October 21, Mondays at 22:00 on tvN.


Basketball: Trailer

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