(BIFF) Choi Seung Hyun Makes The Crowd Go Wild for Alumni Junket


Would you just look at how she looks at him? I bet she wants to squeal like a school girl, oh wait, she is a school girl! How old is she again? 15? But this..Aww..is just so adorable! They’re even color coordinated. And I’m not talking about the brother-sister sort. Nope I’m not getting that vibe from this picture or I suppose it’s just me.

Today Choi Seung Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung and director Park Shin Woo graced the presentation of their movie Alumni 동창생 at Haeundae Beach amidst a roaring, consisting of mostly young girls, crowd. The three were in high spirits even joking along with the fans.Although the 2 actually play brother and sister in the movie, this didn’t stop the fans from teasing both of them. But they were all game! This is rare for Bigbang’s TOP given his reserved personality. He’s not usually one to play jokes or jest with fans. But he does have those few moments. Kim Yoo Jung on the other hand just blushed and look at TOP adorably. I can’t blame the girl for crushing on him. She has got good taste!


Enjoy some pics below.

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2 thoughts on “(BIFF) Choi Seung Hyun Makes The Crowd Go Wild for Alumni Junket

  1. Jlyn

    Not only you! I myself find them cute together! So cute that I must think more than just sibling! haha Thank you! ^^

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