Ariel Lin Enjoys the Simple Life in the UK

After finishing her promotional duties for the hit series King of Lan Ling <兰陵王> and gracing numerous endorsements in Taiwan, Ariel Lin packed her suitcases and flew straight to the UK. She had been wishing to study and take a break for a long time but didn’t have the time due to her hectic work schedule. She has worked non-stop since her debut. Most stars choose to study in Europe or in the US away from the public’s prying eyes and to experience a normal day to day life however short-lived. Last month Jolin Tsai did the same and Chen Qiao En vacationed in New York early this year. But of course they cannot completely go stealth. And thanks to weibo, we can actually get a glimpse of them every now and then.

Recently Ariel uploaded a few pics on her personal page on weibo. She’s wearing casual clothes, big black rimmed glasses sans make up while enjoying a leisurely walk in the park on a beautiful sunny day in Greenwich. She looks absolutely carefree and pretty. I think she’s one of the few celebrities blessed with youthful looks. It’s probably because of her small frame and her ever present smile. Some people are asking whether her rumored boyfriend came along for the trip. I bet he did!

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