The Pursuit of Happiness Special Screening Held Today


With just two days left before it’s premiere on October 11th (TTV), the entire cast of The Pursuit of Happiness 爱的生存之道 led by Sonia Sui and Tony Yang held a special screening today in Taipei to hundreds of loyal fans. The media and fans alike were also privy to the different pairs jostling, which is a “must” for Taiwanese promotions I should say. I don’t know why they always do the “dip and pose” thingy. I have yet to see a pair for a Taiwanese drama not doing that. The cutest that I’ve ever seen to date is probably Chris Wang and James Wen‘s “dip and kiss” during their promotional activities for The Fierce Wife movie. That one was hilarious!

This is what I'm talking about!

This is what I’m talking about!

Sonia, who was the titular character in the movie and in this drama as we all know is a jilted girlfriend. Much like her character Ji An Lei, her boyfriend left her for another girl (Yao Yuan Hao whom she dated for 7 years is now Cyndi Wang‘s current flame). I don’t mean to condone nor point accusing fingers on anyone, it’s their life! Besides who needs a douche! I bet a Huang Yi Kang portrayed by Tony Yang, is just around the corner waiting to sweep her off her feet. Tony was even teasing Sonia during the event that it’s about time for her to “open her heart” to which Sonia laughingly replied “Where? Show me who!” Other co-stars in attendance were; Zhuang Kaixun, Xiepei En, Xiaoxian, Guo Xin Xu Yi-Fan, Zhang Jiahui, Xin Yue but unfortunately child actors Jane Wang Lin, Zeng Yi-Chia, Hoi Yu Fen were unable to attend the press conference.

Oh well, my late nights are just about to get even “later” with this new addition to the slew of other dramas already in my watchlist. But there is no way I’m letting this one pass. Thank God for eye creams or else I would look like I’ve been punched in the eyes all the time.


Cast L-R:  Xiao Xian, Guo Xin, Zhang Jia Hui, Xu Yi Fan, Zhuang Kai Xun, Sonia Sui, Tony Yang, Xie Pei En, etc.

Cast L-R: Xiao Xian, Guo Xin, Zhang Jia Hui, Xu Yi Fan, Zhuang Kai Xun, Sonia Sui, Tony Yang, Xie Pei En, etc.

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