Who wore it better — Suzy VS Park Shin Hye

I always tell myself that I wouldn’t be caught dead in the same outfit at the same event. But for celebrities sometimes it can be difficult.  One day one star is wearing an time and the following day or week or even month, another star would be wearing the very same item.  That is not the problem though. What matters is how you “rock” it.

The items in focus is a classic white shirt and an a line black skirt. Who wore them?

PARK SHIN HYE at a press conference for her latest drama Those Who Want to Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight, The Heirs (SBS)  which was held yesterday.

Park Shin Hye

The belt is too big and too clunky. The shoes are great but not suitable and the shirt is just a tad long.

BAE SUZY at a product line launch of a ski boutique this afternoon.


The length of the skirt is just short enough to be sexy. The shirt is just the right size with just the right amount of accessories. And the open toed black pumps are perfect. 

Needless to say, Miss A’s Suzy has got this one in the bag. Overall she just looks well put together. I would personally like to copy this style.

photo source: http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/


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