EXO Kris, SJ Eunyuk, 2PM Taecyeon Host 2013 Asia Song Festival

Yesterday October 9th the annual Asia Song Festival (2013) was held in a jam-packed Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Korea with performances from K-pop artists 2PM, Block B, Crayon Pop, Dynamic Duo, Girls Day, DJ Koo,SHU I, ZE:A and EXO. Hongkong singing sensation G.E.M, Japanese R&B singer Aoyama Thelma and M.Y.M.P. from the Philippines also gave individual performances.

Personally I am on the fence about this songfest because for the life of me I don’t get why they bother calling it “Asia” song festival but in reality it showcases mostly, and I mean 90% of it’s entirety, K-Pop artists. So I categorized it as a “K-pop” event. But I also believe that the main purpose of this event is to unite and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of Asian music. And for that alone I say kudos to whoever founded this festival. I hope it prospers and in the future continue to bring together MORE artists from all over the Asian region.

Among the K-Pop artists present I was screaming my heart out for EXO. Well, not all of them members but mostly for Exo-M‘s Kris, Lu Han, Tao, Lay, Xiu Min and Chen. They dance better now, more synchronized and confident. I’d say, they finally got their groove!


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