The Heirs, Medical Top Team Pilot Episode — Who’s Number 1?

After months of preparation, numerous advertisements, hordes of BTS captures,stills and teasers, finally The Heirs (SBS) and Medical Top Team (MBC) aired its initial telecast. But the question on everyone’s mind is undoubtedly –which drama came out on top? None of the two! Secret claimed the top spot for the night with 12.4% which was previously held by So Ji Sub-Gong Hyo Jin’s The Master’s Sun which ended it’s successful run with 23.6% on it’s final episode. Meanwhile The Heirs placed second with 11.6% and Medical Top Team got 8.5% on third.
Medical Top Team–Intense. Immersive. But it kind of reminds you of last year’s Goldentime in how the camera angles work (which reminds me that even the poster were almost the same). Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Ryeo Won are solid actors. You’ll probably love the battle among the medical geniuses but I’m pretty sure that most would stay for the quiet and romantic moments. I say… continue watching.

The Heirs –The characters were hip, vibrant,youthful and doesn’t hurt the eyes. In other other words, it looks like a glossy poster art.I gotta admit, Lee Min Ho is hot. But if you’re not into the Cinderella, happily-ever-after kind of story then this is not for you. But what’s interesting to find out is what will happen once the exiled Kim Tan goes back to Korea.When the scheming, backstabbing and stealing starts. It is worth staying tuned for.

The second episodes for both dramas air tonight.

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