Liu Shi Shi Stars With Chang Chen in Upcoming Mainland Movie


飞鱼服绣春刀 Fei Yu Fu Xiu Chun Dao

Set in the most autocratic period in Chinese history, the Ming Dynasty during the ascention of Emperor Chongzhen. It tells the story of 3 sworn brothers Chang Chen, Wang Qian Yuan and Li Dong Xue.

Grace Wang Qian Yuan is the dutiful older brother Lu Jian Xing who hopes of someday holding a post as imperial guard. Chang Chen is the second brother Shen Lian who’s only wish is to be with Zhou Miao Tong (Liu Shi Shi) and Ethan Li Dong Xue is the unsophisticated, easy going yet lovable third brother Jing Yi Chuan.They set out on a journey to find the exiled former palace eunuch Wei Zhon Xian (Jin Shi Jie) who was solely responsible for the deteriorating empire. But they found everything they were told are lies and part of a bigger conspiracy. The movie is directed by acclaimed director Lu Yang and will hit theaters early next year.

This movie is relatively low profiled compared to the other upcoming movies headlined by big stars. Although I think that the story line is very similar to The Three Musketeers down to the 3 brothers’ characterization, I am still excited to see this movie. Chang Chen is a great actor in my opinion. I have seen his other works including most recently, The Grandmasters. He’s the brother with the loveline in this movie with one of my favorite Chinese actress Cecilia Liu Shi Shi. I have seen LSS in a costume period drama of course. I mean how can I have possibly miss out on Bu Bu Jing Xin? Right? But I have yet to see her in a movie. She has done several movies this year including the one with Vic Zhou “A Moment of Love” but I haven’t seen that one yet either. So I’m adding this one to my growing pending watchlist.

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