Michelle Chen Dons a Red Hanfu as Xiao Long Nu plus Official Poster and more BTS

Official Poster: The Condor Heroes 2014

Official Poster: The Condor Heroes 2014

I promised myself not to write anything unfavorable or otherwise about the upcoming series The Condor Heroes 2014 (Return of the Condor Heroes) but how can I when I see another eyebrow-raising BTS.

Recently, Michelle Chen shared these never before seen photos of her being Xiao Long Nu in a red hanfu. That’s right. Red. Not white but red, on her weibo. And it’s not even for a wedding. In all the adaptations, I have never seen the character in anything but white. We have all seen the previous outfits and they’re not plain white but with touches of blue and pink which I have eventually accepted as okay. Quite honestly she looks really pretty and shockingly thinner. I heard that she’s been eating nothing but greens during the whole filming just to stay in shape. Tsk..tsk..she must be having a hard time. I feel sorry for her having to go through this whole process to be an ideal Xiao Long Nu. I have nothing against her looks nor her frame. All the same, she still does not give me that steely, cold veneer that Xiao Long Nu should possess. She gives me a carefree, cutesy vibe instead.

Oh well, eventually I should start to make peace with this adaptation and whatever Yu Zheng cooks up, I should be able to scoff it down no matter the flavor. As much as I want it to stay true and pure just like the novel, that’s not for me to decide. Yet, I can still be a critic.


Mote stills and bts:

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