Lee Yeon Hee In Talks For Upcoming Drama Miss Korea


It looks like we have a lead for the upcoming MBC drama Miss Korea 미스코리아 in Lee Yeon Hee. According to SM Entertainment, LYH’s agency, they are positively reviewing the offer. The operative word being “positively” which in my book is an unofficial yes. All that remains to make this official is for them to sign the dotted line. But I’m certain that we have a lock. If I’m wrong then I won’t watch any dramas anymore. Okay, that would be too harsh for me. I’ll just skip this drama then. Ho-ho.

Lee Yoon Hee’s last project was this year’s Gu Family Book where she played Yoon Seo Hwa, the ill-fated mother of Lee Seung Gi (Kang Chi). In my opinion she is just an okay actress.The most notable among her work for me is 2008’s East of Eden which was hell-good of a drama and boasted a solid acting ensemble lead by Song Seung Heon. Veteran actor Lee Sung Min is also confirmed for the drama who might probably play the important role of the lead’s uncle. However, there is no word yet of possible leading men. This drama will be a reunion of sort of director Kwon Suk Jang and screenwriter Seo Suk Hyang who worked together in 2010’s Pasta (MBC). If their previous works were the benchmark then Miss Korea has a potential to be a hit but then again we can’t call it a chick until it hatched right?

Although the concept is not exactly new about a hometown girl and it’s townspeople trying to turn the ordinary girl into a beauty queen, it still has it’s particular appeal. Think Miss Congeniality (which I absolutely adore!) minus the FBI plus Korean humor.I think LYH has the face for it though the comedic chops remains to be seen.

Miss Korea will replace the currently airing Wednesday-Thursday drama Medical Top Team with a tentative broadcast date set for December 11th.

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