Lee Bum Soo, YoonA Confirmed for “The Prime Minister and I”


Not so long ago initial preparation for the newest KBS 2 romantic comedy drama The Prime Minister and I(working title)started rolling. It will be headlined by veteran actor Lee Bum Soo, who’s playing the role of a prime minister. The lady love will be played by SNSD’s center girl YoonA, as a 28 year old reporter. I don’t know why she keeps acting older roles. I mean she doesn’t look old to me. My first thought was, isn’t he old enough to be her father? Lee Bum Soo is 43, YoonA is 23. But then I thought it’s not exactly alien to her having worked with much older guys in the past including Park Jae Jeong (You Are My Destiny) and Kwon Sang Woo (Cinderella Man). The production team is pulling a Daddy Long Legs sort of romance with this one hence the age gap.

It is slated for the Monday-Tuesday slot replacing the currently airing Marry Him If You Dare. And with MHIYD already on its 3rd-4th episode this week it’s about time they started. But according to reports filming will commence at the end of the month. I don’t know what is it about Korean productions. They seem to like working on a tight schedule as opposed to filming in advance thereby giving the staff more prep time and the actors as well. It’s not unusual for actors to pull an all-nighter 2 days in a row just to catch up with production. In worst cases, accidents happen prompting the drama not to air an episode (as what happened to Goddess of Fire: Jung Yi) thereby sacrificing it’s entire schedule and affecting all others involved.

It will be up against the 60-episode series, Empress Ki(MBC) with Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo which will start at the end of the month and One Warm Word(SBS)(tentative title) with Han Hye Jin and Ji Jin Hee.

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