Blue Lan Comes Back with Another Idol Drama, “Apple In Your Eye” with Amber An

Yesterday a press conference was held in Taipei for the upcoming idol drama Apple In Your Eye 大隻妹 (literal translation “da zi mei” which means big sister). The main cast gathered and posed for the cameras including Blue Lan, Amber An, Mo Yun Wen and Zhang Ting Hu,the four leads of the drama. Playing Amber’s parents are Xia Jing Ting and Lin Meixu.

Head screenwriter Xu Yu Ting, whose previous works include the angst ridden Mars (Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu), Meteor Garden 2 (F4, Barbie Hsu) and most recently, In Time With You (Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen) which gave her a Golden Bell for best screenplay was also present at the event explaining her inspiration for the characters in this drama.

Blue Lan is a sharp-tongued yet emotional man. Newcomer Zhang Ting Hu who’s turn as a troubled youngster in Boys Can’t Bly 刺蝟男孩 gave him some attention, will play the love rival who is a soft-hearted, cry baby. It is also Amber An’s first time to play the lead in an idol drama. Most recently, she played Joseph Chang‘s girlfriend in the critically acclaimed and box-office hit The Stolen Years (with Bai Bai He). Mo Yun Wen, a classy, rich and pretty lady completes the love square. She also recently finished another drama, Love Around (Annie Chen and George Hu).

I’m not really a big fan of Blue Lan and neither do I care about Amber An who’s barely in my consciousness. But sometimes Blue Lan does make some really good dramas like PS Man, The Legend of Hero and Easy Fortune Happy Life. So I’m giving this one a go.


Check out the gallery below:

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