Marry Him If You Dare Episode 3- Recap

I have finally found my draft. Hooray! I was supposed to post this the other day but anyhow here it is. My personal thought on this episode as a whole is similar to what Kim Shin felt. He suddenly felt his heart beat!


Episode 3 Past VS Past

A fuming Mi Rae stood up to Kim Shin saying than she won’t be taking this one sitting down. She’s gonna show everybody who’s looking down on her that she can also succeed. She stormed out of the room and Se Joo eavesdropping on what happened offered her something to drink. He listened to her tirade and her ideas about the show. After a while they went back in. Se Joo to take part in the team meeting and Mi Rae was there to retrieve her laptop. Before she left, she gave Kim Shin a piece of her mind and challenged him. So Kim Shin asked what her ideas for the show were.She suggested a few things including an old guy who donates money by selling school supplies who’s famous for refusing interviewers and splashing them water. At first KS was against the idea but he eventually agreed to the challenge on the condition that MR will write the script.

Back home old MR was asking young MR about SJ but young MR seems not to believe her anymore. She’s doubting whether she really comes from the future or just needs some serious mental therapy. Meanwhile, old MR found out that the one who got hit by KS’s car was in fact Seo Yoo Kyung. she realizes that their fate has changed. We also see SJ’s real purpose in joining the team which is to get to know the worthy employees and how he improve the company.

The following day the team went on location to shoot the poor grandpa. An arrogant KS introduced himself but got splashed and hot instead. Then MR, with a cute puppy on a leash came to the rescue. Eventually they won the old man over and were invited. They then started to film him in secret but KS admitted this to the old man. Here finally we get a glimpse of KS’s soft.He shared his sob story to the old man convincing him to tell his story on camera.

Back in the editing room MR was curious whether the tale KS told was a lie. KS then grabbed MR and forced her to look him in the eye and judge for herself. He was looking intently at her which made her feel uncomfortable. Then he suddenly stood behind her grabbing the mouse on her computer to check on the film. The closeness made her aware of him physically for the first time. Afterwards he suddenly messed her hair which she realized she hasn’t washed for 3 days.

The two MR’s were discussing KS and SJ. Old MR told young MR to focus on SJ and try to win him. She said the keyword to his heart is “water”. So the following night MR agreed to get into SJ’s car thinking up a plan of how to seduce him with water. She was trying every possible way that it looked funny. On their way, they passed by a car wash. Realizing this could be her chance, she accidentally or rather intentionally pushed the car windows open getting them all drenched. So the two of them cuddled up while trying to get warm and dry as they watch the preview together. At the same time, KS was passing by watching them with a glum expression on his face. Later that night, KS dreamed of the “real past” when he and MR shared a kiss at the hospital.The following day the piece MR wrote was aired. SJ and MR watched the monitor closer together. Upon seeing her name on the credits an overjoyed MR suddenly hugged SJ. KS who’s been watching them suddenly got pissed.

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