Marry Him If You Dare Episode 4 – Recap

There’s just one thing I found unsettling in this episode. Why all of a sudden Kim Shin was so good to Mi Rae? It was like a 360 degrees turn. I guess perhaps the strange man who went through the time portal is the explanation. But nonetheless, it could have been more subtle and believable.


Episode 4 Twisted Reality

Mi Rae made in to Kim Shin’s morning show team.

Kim Shim was so jealous he lashed on Mi Rae and Se Joo telling them to tone down on their PDA. He walked out of the studio and wondered what’s wrong with him.


Seo Yoo Kyung  was obviously taken by Se Joo’s arrogance. She decided to go after him and told MR about it. She went to an expensive bar and saw SJ by himself. She offered to pay for his drinks but it turns out that the drinks he ordered were the most expensive ones.

She still insisted on paying and in return he offered to treat her as well. So they went to an udon house across the street. But it wasn’t a regular udon house. It was for those who can afford as well. She was wondering why he goes to expensive places knowing that he was but a mere VJ.

Back at MR’s house, the two MR’s were arguing again. Young MR was getting tired of old MR’s seemingly insane plans and notions. She doesn’t want to give up her job as a writer and doesn’t want to depend on any guy whether SJ or KS, to have a nice future. She said that she wants to pursue her own dreams and tread her own path. Finally fed up, old MR then decided to reveal the truth. She showed young MR the window where she draws her plans. But young MR still seemed uninterested in all of it.

People say that the past has it’s own way of catching up on you, no matter how you try to bury it or change it. And it sure does. That night MR and KS had the same dream. They were sharing a bed at the hospital and were very lovey-dovey when suddenly MR’s brother woke up and asked them “What are you two doing?” The following day they came across each at the lobby and were obviously conscious of each other. She told him that she was running some errands and he ended up escorting and giving her a grand tour of YBS! They checked a salon at the building where MR’s brother was getting groomed and asked them “What are you two doing?” They proceeded and ended up at the props room and chanced upon Darth Vader. In the blink of an eye, he was in Darth Vader costume and she was Mrs. Santa.She was moving around she got tangled with him and her dress ended up torn so he sewed the rip material himself. At the same time, he was gave her some advice about the broadcasting industry. He volunteered to teach her the trick of the trade and agreed to meet again.

Meanwhile, Miranda was fuming mad because their hotel business incurred huge losses so to save it she decided to downsize. She decided to fire many YBS employees thinking that they are not important. Of course, SJ ran to the pent house to talk to his grandma out of it but she was already decided. Some employees who got the boot, tried to convince KS to help them but he said that he was helpless as well.So the following day, Miranda came to YBS to personally congratulate those who will remain and sack the others. She came to KS’s morning show where SJ was a part of. Suddenly, KS arrived and refused to start the show unless Miranda agrees to let everyone in the team stay. They had a showdown of who will give in first to which Miranda lost. In the end, everyone was retained and MR was beeming at KS saying how marvelous he was. What she didn’t know was the reason why KS actually stood up to Miranda was because of her.

Old Mi Rae was of course unhappy seeing how young Mi Rae seemed to be falling for KS all over again. But oh no, ahjumma won’t be deterred on her plans..she still wants to push on what she thinks is the best future for her so she went on the show as a fortune teller in place of a suddenly MIA legit fortune teller. Kim Shin who does not believe in them proceeded with the questions and asked her name first, to which she answered “My name is Na Mi Rae”. She said she’ll make him believe. She said facts about his past and his habits (they were married so she should know!). He asked about his future to which Na Mi Rae responded with “You will fail.”

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