The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 3 – Recap

Ji An Lei and Huang Yi Kang are in the same boat. Both of them are waiting for the person who holds the key to their hearts. Both are hopeless but unwilling to totally give on their love believing that somehow there might be a chance.


EPISODE 3 Flight or Fight

He Wei Ting sought Ji An Lei to vent about what happened over dinner with Hai Lun’s family. He said that he wanted to find a stable job to win HL’s fathers’ approval. Lei lei thought this must be a big sacrifice for knowing how free spirited he is. But he said he was willing to sacrifice for her. She flashbacked to the day she asked of him the same thing but he was unwilling then. She realized that he was only unwilling for her but is willing to change for HL. The same night Hai Lun also came to the house with a box of Huang Yi Kang’s favorite ice cream (are they that close in the past?!), seeing this, JAL realized that HL is also the girl HYK secretly loves.

Hailun came to HWT place, brought some plates and cooked for him. The 2 were like newlyweds in their sweetness.So the unpleasant dinner was forgotten. Meanwhile, Tiffany advised JAL to be more agressive so she could get what she wants. But JAL thought that she’s already lost the battle because she doesn’t have the wildness in her anymore to go after the man she wants. She went around wondering what to do. Meanwhile, Tiffny went looking for HYK at JAL’s house and asked him to fix her “faucet” and offered him a design job at the spa she’s operating as well. She asked HYK to save his details on her phone and gave him the passcode to open it which turns out to be “sex-sex-sex” making HYK uncomfortable.(Naughty Tiffany, I couldn’t stop laughing.)

It’s a national holiday so JAL decided to stay home all day, mope and sleep.HYK was at home cleaning so he volunteered to leave to give JAL sapce. But she said that she’ll stay in her room anyway. HYK told JAL to stop moping and move on with her life. He told her that an ex-boyfriend is an ex-boyfriend so she needs to let him be.He chooses to heal his wounds, forget about HL and then move on. The two of them are so opposite in their standpoint so they argued. He beleieves inletting go and accepting calmly while she insists that it’s easier said than done. Irritated by his unbelievable calmness she decided to ask him out for dinner with HWT (of course he didn’t know that Hai Lun is the girfriend)telling him that she wants to see how he would handle that kind of situation.

The next day, HYK went to Tiffany’s salon to check the work which needs to be done.In the middle of it, he got a call from Hai Lun asking him to meet her. She offered him a job at the company but he rejected it.He thought it was best to avoid her. Finally, the time for the “dinner date”came.An unsuspecting HYK was so shocked seeing Hai Lun with HWT. It was painful just watching the other two go through dinner when the couple were obviously so enamored with each other. Misery loves company and the two members of the broken-hearts club are perfect companions.They know exactly how the other feels so there was no blaming and anger, but only understanding.

The following day JAL had a job interview and passed it.She went to her company to get some files only to get pissed because HL took over them and messed them up. Although, HL’s intention was good she still felt violated. She and Tifanny went to a bar to drown her sorrow. She then confessed that she really wants to get HWT back. So the brilliant Tiffany suggested that HYK and her join forces to win theirl “loves” back. JAL refused saying this was unethical but Tiffany insisted saying “love has always been selfish”. She had to grab it if she wants it. The next day she woke up more determined to find her happiness.

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