Marry Him If You Dare Episode 5 – Recap

Now I’m convinced that the reason old Mi Rae came back is precisely to help Kim Shin get back on his feet or rather help him avoid making the same mistakes which lead to his eventual downfall.  With Empress Ki premiering this week, MHIYD has a bigger opponent. The episode merely got a single digit rating  falling on third place.


Episode 5 A Change of Heart

Old Mirae went into detail on how Kim Shin will fail. According to her he will hit rock bottom and drag Mi rae along with him making their lives both miserable. Kim Shin tried to keep his cool during and after the whole interview. He confronted old Mi Rae asking her if she likes him because of the attention she’s giving him. He walked out and came across Se Joo who was there to meet “someone”. KS called Mi Rae to remind her of their study time and said he would be waiting at the EAST gate. A few moments later SJ called her too and said he was waiting for her at the WEST gate. Old Mi Rae asked young Mi Rae if she was meeting KS. She then explained why she kept pushing her to SJ. In the end she left her to decide for herself. However, old Mi Rae’s physical condition gets worse by the day and she eventually collapsed. Good thing that Miranda recognized her after appearing on the show and approached her when it happened.Mi Rae decided to stand up KS and went home instead but not after meeting SJ and inviting him to go to the amusement park the next day. An obviously happy SJ agreed. Meanwhile Miranda was suspicious of old Mi Rae and asked why she was so interested in her grandson.

Mi Rae decided to meet both men and sort out her feelings along the way because she’s not sure if she could continue to like KS after knowing what she knows or whether she could actually like SJ. The next day the rain won’t let up so their amusement park date was cancelled so they ended up in SJ’s fake shabby pad watching his old college film project.Mi Rae was intently watching the film while SJ was intently watching her. He waved his hand in front of her face but she waved it away and for a moment they were touching hand-to-hand. He brushed the residue of popcorn on her lips with his thumb making both of them feel embarrassed.


Seo Yoo Kyung on the other hand was busy filming with an over bearing director who wants to showcase her physical assets more than her talent. She’s so pathetic that it’s sad (I actually feel sorry for her).She came to the bar afterwards looking for SJ who came much later (after sending MR home) He started gushing about MR saying that he likes her independent nature. While on a bus home, KS sent a message asking MR to meet him right away.

They met at a basketball court and made a bet. The loser will treat the winner to soju which eventually KS did. He said it’s all well that he treats her since it’s his farewell to her telling her that he was leaving the city for a regional post in a week. Mi Rae comfronted old MR about this at home. The next day everyone said their goodbyes to KS while Oppa (MR’s brother) talked to him in private asking him why KS and MR met last night. He asked him if he likes her. He started denying it and asked if he (oppa) likes her too.

Later that night, SJ gave MR a call apologizing for what had happened at work. She said it was not his fault and that he had nothing to do with it anyway. Meanwhile, ahjumma (old MR) went to the supermarket to get something for dinner. She was soon flocked by so many people who recognized her from KS’s morning show. The mob started saying mean things about KS. Suddenly she realized that she had to help KS for she still loves him afterall. She checked her diary and slipped quietly out of the house and meet KS by the hill. While having dinner she called MR and told her to take her brother outside because she has a gift for them. At the same time, Miranda also stepped out suddenly remembering what the fortune teller told her.KS was wondering why ahjumma wanted to meet him. She said for him to just hand on a little bit longer because she’s about to do something for him. She handed him an umbrella and it started raining.


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