Marry Him If You Dare Episode 6 – Recap

The future is undecided. Everything can change with every decision that we make.


EPISODE 6 Let Me Be Your Hero


Old Mi Rae informed Kim Shin, Mi Rae and Oppa that there was going to be a fire at the subway station which killed 100 people. She then told him to cover that news. He got mad saying that he’s not some cold-blooded person who would disregard people’s lives just to get an exclusive broadcast. Upon knowing this, the whole morning show team decided to try to prevent the incident from happening. They thought a fire drill would be the best facade. Morning came and Se Joo and Yoo Kyung went down to the subway station to do the drill. SJ used his connections to get the permission from the station. YK on the other hand agreed to do drill despite the risk and humiliation in order to please SJ. Meanwhile, KS is beginning to doubt SJ’s real identity and asked how he did it and who’s backing him up. The team then proceeded to check the fire station, the hospital and everything that might be needed if the fire breaks out. KS with his unbending principle refused to pretend that everything was coincidence and agreed to film only if they tell the viewers a little bit of truth if not everything. He asked for MR to be his writer which oppa disapprove but MR herself wanted to go.

MR asked KS why he likes YK and he answered saying “because she’s comfortable and nice”. He then asked the same question and she replied with the same answer. He asked if they were dating and said that it would be well since they look good together.She then asked why he’s doing many things for her and he said it’s because she was special. He took back what he said which hurt MR so he later admitted not having done so with any other person but for her. They took the subway together with a camera man hoping to arrive at the station just in time to stop the fire. However, ahjumma finally recalled how the fire started but it was already too late because MR and KS are already on the subway right where the fire is. KS dashed to save people while MR courageously started filming the scene using her phone. YK and SJ on the other hand were checking the sea of people coming out from the coaches hoping to see MR and KS.

KS went after after the guy in red hat who started the fire with MR following close behind to film. Meanwhile SJ and YK were trying hard to open up the water source which the arsonist chained up.Eventually KS caught with the arsonist and he was arrested. Unfortunately, a huge electronic signage fell on MR pinning her down unable to move. KS went back for her and helped her while SJ was desperate trying to cut the chains thinking only of saving MR. Just when the fire was about to break out, the sprinklers started working after SJ successfully opened the water valves. He then ran to find MR and found her laughing with KS. He wanted to approach but YK stopped him saying that they should leave the 2 alone because they were having a moment having just escaped death together.

The morning show team had celebratory party after a successful broadcast. Miranda decided to cancel the demotion and retained everyone as if nothing happened after watching the incident play out on TV. SJ and YK did not attend the party however, she went to some chaebol’s party where SJ was and discovered his secret. SJ pleaded with her to keep his secret from everyone especially from MR.She agreed. Meanwhile, after having dinner, the group decided to go to some norebang. MR went to find a suitable place and KS followed her. It was a cold night so KS held MR’s hand and put it in his jacket pocket to her warm which made MR beam with joy. Later on, SJ found MR sitting outside the norebang by herself and sat beside her. He asked is she was okay and she did too. He said that his body is painful so she offered to give him a massage which he gladly accepted. She started massaging his back just as KS was coming back.

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