The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 4 – Recap

Is it wrong to want to be happy? Is it wrong to try to pursue your own happiness if it means coming between two people already in a relationship? If it’s a terrible thing to do, then is it better to just accept and move one?



Ji An Lei started seeing other guys however unwillingly with the help of her girlfriends. But since she’s not willing to let go of He Wei Ting Tiffany reminded her to go with her plan to steal him back with Huang Yi Kang’s help. Her friends kept encouraging her.Meanwhile, HWT pick Hai Lun up from work, showing off his new ride.He heard from HL that JAL was sick and didn’t come to work for 2 days. So he went to JAL’s place to see how she was.He leaned in so (ridiculously) close to feel her temperature. She then admitted that she was not sick but just wanted to take time off. He then asked her to go for a spin on his new car. she climbed into the passenger seat and smelled HL’s scent. She thought that she had obviously marked her territory and she had no place in that car so she told him that she was tired. JAL found HYK’s recording and listened to it and was grossed out. She thought that he was involved in some adult film. HYK later explained that he was doing a research for a spa.

Lei Lei asked Yi Kang if he would like to work at her company. But he was a bit confused knowing that she wanted to resign. she then told him that she needs his help because she’s not brave enough alone. The following day she went over to HYK’s place to ask him to help her snatch HWT back, in return he’ll have work and a place to stay. But instead he turned her down and questioned her moral standards.she then ranted about everything in his “future” apartment and hurried out fuming mad. That night she went to tango class with her girlfriends. Both her friends have blissful relationships save for her. Both are having “date nights” while she’s trying to convince herself that she’ll be okay alone. Eventually they decided to forego their plans and decided to have a ladies night instead.

She found her necklace (the one which she threw away) on the table where HYK left them. she lashed out at him telling him that he was so nosy and weak. He told her that he was leaving that weekend and won’t have anything to do with her and her despicable underhand method of breaking up a happy relationship.LL asked wt to be the speaker for their product launch as a travel expert. She convinced him. HL and HYK met and told him that she was using hs idea fir her project and asked him to reconsider her offer. LL confronted HYK about not being brave enough to face her. She told him that he was a hypocrite since they obviously want the same thing. HYK then told her that they different, while she wants WT, the only thing he wants is HL’s happiness. Meanwhile, the couple met for and talked the deals they made with HYK and LL. Eventually WT admitted why there’s a lot between LL and him, that she was his ex-girlfriend. She admitted that she already knew from the first time they met.

Yi Kang came to work the following day.But because of what had happened the previous day, he and LL avoided each other at work and at home as well. He went to check the products at the store and she dropped by to check on them too being a responsible supervisor that she is. He apologized for the hurtful things he said but she didnt’t want to talk about anything personal. She hurried downstairs to see the items but unfortunately she fell. He took her to the hospital and informed everyone about it. HL and HWT came rushing to the hospital to check on her and Simon came moments later. They all told her to stay home and rest and not worry about the event. So JAL stayed home by herself. Suddenly hungery but helpless, she decided to sleep instead. Good thing that HYK brought food for her and helped her to eat. They started talking and cleared tha air between them. He said that she will drive for her check up the following day.

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