Marry Him If You Dare Episode 7 – Recap

EPISODE 7 Confession Gone Wrong


When Na Mi Rae entered the norebang, Kim Shin and Se Joo battled for her attention, which was quite funny. In the middle of the celebration the piece of crap news director told them to hand over the information the team has for the news to him. The ass wants to take credit for himself telling them that it was not their job but the news team’s job. But the team, spearheaded by KS wanted to take action and take matters into their own hands instead. So KS and PD Na (oppa) went straight to Miranda and proposed a new program which she outright rejected. But Kim Shin was smart. He played a game of cat and mouse telling oppa that it would be better for them to take their show out of Seoul and produce it themselves. Bingo! Miranda took the bait and they got a new program. The next day, the team happily set up their new office. Meantime, ahjumma cooked some delicious dishes for oppa which he compared to their mother’s cooking. He wondered why she knows it.

Mi rae on the hand, stepped out to make a secret phone call to Kim Shin and asked him to meet up for “class”. Just as she was talking ahjumma walked by and asked if she’s still seeing KS.Mi Rae ended up telling ahjumma how shallow and cunning she is, hurting her feelings so she left crying. The weird looking guy (who came through the portal) found her and she ran away, fortunately Miranda’s chauffeured car came and drove her away. Ahjumma told Miranda not to let her grandson marry a reporter. Back at home oppa was worrying where she was but MR couldn’t care less. She only had one thing in mind –her date with KS.

MR came to their meeting place and approached a KS  who was trying to go incognito but failed. They walked around the park and talked about their first impressions. At the same time, SJ and Yoo Kyung were enjoying the lunch and bottle of red wine SJ prepared for MR (which she turned down).SJ expressed how much he feels pushed away whereas in the past he did the pushing away. So feels helpless. YK advised him to confess not just in a cool just mention it kinda way but in a grand way. Outwardly wishing him to succeed but deep inside, really wanting him to fail so that she’ll get her chance with him.

Sly ahjumma started manipulating everyone’s fate. She started what she calls “project Se Joo”. She told YK that she was going to marry KS and told her to focus her attention on him instead. She also told KS to go to Fortune 8 to meet MR who doesn’t know a thing about what’s going on. But ahjumma knows it is where SJ would confess to MR. Thereby orchestrating a perfect set-up.

So SJ indeed went with his over-the-top confession (seriously it was so cheesy but I know that is precisely the intention) with his whole gang plus YK present. An unsuspecting KS walked right in and viola! Everyone was surprised. KS was so upset that he said harsh words to MR and she retaliated by calling him a bad man. Hooray for ahjumma, 3 hearts are broken in 1 night! KS called SJ and the two had a one-on-one talk. YK also sought MR out and told her to make everything clear with SJ. She then called SJ and apologized for what happened. KS was telling off  SJ regarding his character and that he must show some respect to his seniors. SJ then asked him what he would do if their situations are reversed. Him being in a higher position like perhaps the “head of YBS”.

My Thoughts:

I can’t really point it out but something is amiss. We’re on episode 7, which means almost halfway but how come I can’t feel it. On the plus side, I do enjoy a few scenes and laugh at some cute parts. I can see that there is something there but there’s no “prick” to the heart. Does that make sense? The chemistry is there. Then, it must be the flow. Anyhow, something is definitely lacking. This must be why the ratings won’t go up.

If there’s one scene which I really like, it’s the one with ahjumma Mi Rae and PD Na oppa. It felt sincere. Let’s just pretend we don’t already know that he is the person “they” love who is going to die in the future.

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    or his son?

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