Marry Him If You Dare Episode 8 – Recap


My Thoughts:

First, the ratings still remains a single digit. Why?

Let me tell you of a conversation I had with a co-worker. I was looking at some pictures of this drama when my female co-worker passed by. She stopped and said, “Are you watching that?” I said  “yeah…you?” She said, “I am. It’s nice but don’t you think it’s kind of slow. And I think the story is too simple.” Me, “Hmm…”

I think the narrative is a bit lose. And let’s face it, people love cliches despite the fact that they appear in every other drama, those funny, sweet, romantic, pull-at-your-heartstrings scenes are what many viewers look forward to see. Here, those moments appear to be contrived especially in previous episodes.  But thankfully in this episode, there  appeared natural and more effective. But hey, as what came out last in Pandora’s box, I believe there’s still hope. After all, we are merely half way.




Kim Shin told Se Joo to check in at a psychiatric hospital.He thought that SJ was delusional after hearing him talk about being the owner of YBS and all. SJ thanked KS and said that he learned a lot from him then they parted ways. Yoo Kyung told Na Mi Rae to clearly draw the line with Se Joo and not to give him false hopes. Meanwhile, KS, obviously unsettled about what he heard from SJ, decided to investigate him. On his way home KS bumped into old Mi Rae ahjumma and he asked her if it was indeed MR who asked him to go to Fortune8. She said yes. Ahjumma even told him that MR is not the innocent girl that he thinks she is. He then said, that MR’s lack in  certain areas, her heart is still pure and she is not yet sly and cunning. This made ahjumma think. She said that she’s already at that point.He told him not to meet MR anymore if he wants to be happy.The next day, MR saw SJ coming from the subway but he merely nodded and left. Obviously still nursing his wound. She went to YBS and was about to take the elevator but KS is already. Just a the elevator was about to close YK came running. She didn’t want to be in the same place with them so she said if she’ll take the next one but KS told her to come because they were having a meeting anyway. KS intentionally acted rude in MR’s presence. YK then explained that there was a misunderstanding and that MR really doesn’t know anything about what happened.

The situation at the pilot team’s meeting has just turned awkward with SJ, MR and KS trying to avoid each other. Brainstorming commenced like all hell broke lose. Each one has a different opinion. Eventually they all agreed to do a pilot about “home”.The team started their research. MR asked ajhumma for advice but she refused to help telling MR that she won’t meddle with her work anymore. Uknown to her, Miranda bugged her room so she can hear every part of the conversation. The two older woman went out to play golf. Miranda asked ahjumma if the woman SJ liked was her. She immediately called SJ to confirm, threatening to kick her out if he does not answer. So he said yes, he liked MR. She obviously doesn’t like her because of her background. Ahjumma eventually admitted that it was. So Miranda stopped the game and went to see MR right away. Ahjumma tried contacting MR to inform her but unfortunately she missed the call and didn’t see the message, as she was so busy with the research. MR was waiting at the bus stop when Miranda approached and asked her for direction. She politely answered telling her that the bus she was asking about was coming and she should get on it, MR even paid for the fare. Poor Miranda! She was groped, tossed and stuffed in the crowded bus. But she thought that MR was a nice lady.

While MR was gathering her research at a cafe, the owner spoke to her and asked about what she was doing. It turns out that the lady was a writer herself but decided to quit when she was 40 because of the cutthroat situation in that field. This made MR think about her career. She hasn’t even debuted as a writer and currently the maknae of team at her age of 32! So despite knowing that it’s unethical, she asked writer Bae to give her the task to write the narration for the pilot so that she can debut as a writer. Writer Bae agreed and told PD Na about it. Oppa was initially against it but writer Bae made him change his mind.He then took MR shopping and bought MR what she would need for the shoot. He even asked KS to help MR during the shoot.

se joo,mirae

Lee Jae Soo, MR and KS were discussing about the shoot. The team decided to let the two of them (alone) enter the haunted house to film, MR acting as both writer and cameraman while KS narrates. At that moment SJ arrived so Jae Soo asked him to teach MR how to use a 6mm camera being the expert in the matter. KS said it was not necessary and that he’d teach her himself but JS refused. So SJ showed MR the ropes on how the camera works. MR apologized again for what happened. SJ asked her why she likes KS. Does she like the bad boy style or if it was love at first sight. She told him that it wasn’t like that. She said that it was because he was nice to her. She even told him that ajhumma said he was going to be her husband. He laughed at that. He said to her that an emotion which starts after hearing some words is not true love. He gave her the camera and walked away.

mirae,kim shin

The following day they proceeded on location and interviewed locals who apparently saw the ghosts in the house. Unfortunately MR fell and injured herself.But she pretended that nothing happened even when KS asked how she was. The two of them then went into the haunted house while the rest of the team started filming. Oppa and writer Bae was stressed out because the guests were dressed so nicely so oppa ordered SJ to tell them to change but YK intervened asking him what he would say, knowing that he’s really a rich guy himself. He said that broadcasting is business and profit is important. She then told him that indeed he was a business man and handled the situation herself. Meanwhile back at the haunted house, MR and KS were walking around when all of a sudden KS stopped dead in his tracks. MR thought he saw a ghost but it was only a spider. He asked her to remove it. (Big guy’s afraid of spiders!)

se joo, yoo kyung

SJ sent MR a message asking her if she had decided already which she answered “not yet”. This gave SJ a bit of hope. YK found him sitting alone looking happy. After a while they went for some beer. She asked if MR answered him yet. He said yes and that he knows MR liked KS more than him. YK was so happy. But SJ then told her a story about when he was a young boy. He had the nicest race car with remote control. But then another boy got a toy car from claw crane machine and he thought it was nice. He remembered how it glittered in the sun. He could have just bought the toy car but instead he spent all his time trying to get it to the point of skipping classes. He never gave up. She knows exactly what he means so she asked if he got it in the end. He pulled something out of his pocket and showed her the same shiny toy car. He said that he’ll continue fighting for MR and asked for her help.

This broke her heart of course so she got drunk. She called PD Na to find SJ but ahjumma was there so she sent her home instead. PD Na came much later and found ahjumma. He told her that MR and KS are spending the night at the house. In disbelief, and in fear of what might happen, she ended up confessing who she really was. SJ went back home and told his grandmother that he was returning to his original position much sooner because he needs to rev up “something”. Back at the haunted house, KS noticed MR’s limp and forced her to sit down. He saw the wound and told her to get it cleaned but she refused telling him that debuting is more important than anything else. At that moment they stared at each other and KS began to lean towards MR.

mirae kimshin

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