The Pursuit of Happiness – Episode 5 Recap

In life we are faced with indecision. Sometimes we are not sure if the direction we are headed is the right one. We often ask if we should change our course or stay where we are. But is changing course the best option? Are we certain its the right path? Because sometimes, the more undecided we are of which direction to take, the more we get lost.


Everyone was up and about preparing for the event which is happening is a matter of minutes. Hai Lun was standing outside when Yi Kang arrived, he asked if she was waiting for him and just then Wei Ting pulled in his red car and HL hurried over to him. He came to be the speaker of event but when he was on stage he could barely open his mouth to speak. Just before he went on stage HL’s father belittled his ability and asked him to break up with her. Thankfully YK saved the day by taking over as guest speaker. YK spoke about his travel experiences. He shared how liking a girl can make someone change what he likes and thinks about. The speaker asked if the girl he talks about is his girlfriend. He said she was his “dream girl”.

After the event, YK went straight to the hospital and picked Ji An Lei up. They went to the grocery afterwards to get something for dinner. YK offered to cook as a celebration. Ji An Lei thought that WT did well. While they were walking around the store YK picked up some carrots. Lei lei told him to put them back because she’s never gonna eat them. During dinner she kept saying how much she hates carrots. But YK said he could never tell because she was eating them already. Naughty YK put carrots into the dishes he cooked. Lei lei was upset and began to gag. He said that he only wanted her to overcome her dislike for carrots and was just concerned about her. He then said that people can change.

That afternoon, after the event YK overheard HL and WT fighting at the rooftop. WT was upset about the situation while HL was trying to apologize and asked him what was wrong (you’re father is what’s wrong girl!) Of course he didn’t say anything about the real reason he was upset but instead told her that he could not give her what she needed and walked away. YK went over to comfort her.It is at that moment when he realized that she needed a better man (himself). He told LL that he already agreed to work in the company and will be starting the following week. Furthermore, and most importantly, he decided to fight beside LL in pursuing their happiness. At that moment, LL was extremely happy, it was like all the walls are gone between them. Now they are allies.

Yi Kang reported for work and Lei lei introduced him to the team. She briefed him on his duties and was extra snappy. Simon suggested to have a welcome party for him but LL chided him saying it wasn’t necessary and that they should focus on work. After her meeting, she sent YK a message asking him to rendezvous at the rooftop. She told him that he should make his move on HL and that she also did him a favor by sending her something supposedly coming from him. Unknown to them, Simon and Zhi wei saw them talk and thought something was weird especially after the show they put on in front of everyone.

After work, YK asked LL if she wanted to go home together. She answered, of course this was the best way to save on taxi fare. He said it was not necessary since he bought a bike. So they hopped on it together and headed home.To their surprise the whole gang was there. They interrogated the two and asked them what was the real score between them. LL tried to explain but they believed that the two are living together as a couple. LL tried to call WT but he still refused to answer. Tiffany told her to be happy because it only means that the relationship is on the rocks.

The next day, YK presented his design ideas to HL. She liked it. She also thanked him for the “gift”. He asked if she was okay. Afterwards, he went to the store where LL was and asked her to go for lunch together as a way of thanking her for the “gift”. During lunch, he told her not to meddle too much into his love life and just focus on WT. He said that he’ll do it his own way. She told him she did so because they were allies. LL went to WT house later. WT was clearly not himself. She asked what really happened because she knows that he’s not an irresponsible person. So she forced him to change and eat out with her. She put on the necklace he gave her and sent YK a message asking how he was progressing. YK took HL out to a place to throw paint on the wall so where can forget her troubles.

Meanwhile LL and WT were not doing so well. WT was obviously so heart broken to think about anything else. LL tried her best to cheer him up. Suddenly he noticed the necklace she was wearing and asked why she still has it. She said that she still has everything he gave her. She told him that he can be happy again. On the walk back hugged LL and thanked her for spending time with him. She said it was her duty as a good friend. WT took a taxi and LL messaged YK and informed him that she was done. He said he was talking a romantic stroll with HL.

She waited for him to come home hoping to hear his good news. Eventually they both admitted that the evening was not that successful. YK said that the couple was just having a rough patch so it might be difficult for them, so they should come up with another plan. Just then, Tiffany called and asked YK to help her. YK pretended to be her boyfriend in front of her suitor Ah Tai. Naughty Tiffany got scared after hearing his love confession. LL advised her not to be afraid and go for it if she loves him. Tiffany was unsure not having been in this situation before. YK waited until the 2 are done talking thinking that she won’t have a ride home. Lei lei was touched by his action.

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