Marry Him If You Dare Episode 9 — Recap


EPISODE 9 Truth…or Something Like It


Mi Rae refused Kim Shin’s kiss thinking about what Se Joo said about liking someone because of the knowledge that you’ll be with the person in the future and what old Mi Rae said about someone dying. PD Na also refused to believe ahjumma’s confession even after she told him how she got he scar on her shoulder. On her wedding day (in the future) oppa apologized for giving her the scar saying that it was his fault and how he caused it. He has never revealed this to anybody but still he could’t believe her saying that perhaps she was just tired. An urgent call came so he had to get back to the office. Meanwhile, MR and KS continued filming and investigating on the ghosts. They found a wedding dress, a picture of a couple and a diary which detailed the dead couples ordeal due to the man’s cancer. Mi Rae thought of an ending narration for the pilot episode.

Se Joo was editing what MR had filmed when KS walked in. He deleted many unnecessary parts which angered KS. He told SJ to drop what he was doing and he will ask someone else to do it for him. SJ told him matter-of-factly that it was turning out like a melodrama so he had to edit them out. But thanked KS still for giving him free time. SJ sought ahjumma and asked her which side she was on. She immediately responded “you’re side!” and revealed who she really was. SK asked why “him” over KS. She responded that it was because of his good personality and background. He asked if MR knows who he really was and ahjumma said she doesn’t. She wonders if he really believes her or not. Kim Shin and Mi Rae are talking to Lee Jae Soo about changing the concept of the documentary after they discovered that there weren’t any ghosts at the house. MR began to write the narration with KS fussing next to her. Unknown to them, oppa was standing outside the window. He went and asked ahjumma to show him the scar. She said she had it removed, which made him doubt. He asked for a strand of her hair, ahjumma got pissed and asked him if he wanted her urine and blood sample as well. Because oppa still refused to believe, she chose to reveal to him including that which she cannot tell MR.

The next day oppa told MR that he found a job for her as production assistant at another place. He told her to quit her ambition of becoming a writer and focus on her happiness instead.He then talked to KS telling him that he is in fact her brother (he even brought a document to prove it). He told him that MR is transferring to another team. He also asked KS if he likes his sister, or love her and if he was willing to marry her. He was dumbfounded at this. He later top meet MR who’s waiting for him. She told him about being transferred to another team and asked for his opinion. KS told her that since it’s her life, she should make the decision on her own. Teary eyed, she told him that she doesn’t want to go and she wanted to work with him but instead he is so indifferent to her like she was a stranger.

All that MR wanted to hear from KS, SJ said. She cried telling SJ that she is deeply touched by his concern. They went to eat noodles at a convenience store later and agreed to treat each other more comfortably. Yoo Kyung was passing by and SJ saw her. He gave the “ok” signal and she pretended to root for him then walked away. Much later, they were walking at the halls of the company when they overheard PD Lee talking to another writer. He was actually asking the writer to change everything that MR had written since it doesn’t suit the scary theme he wanted to convey. MR told writer Bae about this there was nothing she could do. SJ asked PD Lee to give MR the chance and to apologize for overstepping ethics. PD Lee got upset and reminded SJ that he was but a mere VJ not in any position to tell him what top do. Enraged, SJ said he will remember what he said and told MR not to worry for she will definitely get a chance to debut.

PD Na got so upset after hearing the news from writer Bae. But he couldn’t do anything because he knows the it’s PD Lee’s prerogative to change writers. KS overheard this and asked if PD Lee kicked out MR. Just as he was about to find PD Lee oppa stopped him. He said that as her brother, he’s more that upset and he even want to punch PD Lee until his teeth are knocked off but he knows he can’t do that. He then told KS that he doesn’t have the right to interfere. KS said, what if he really likes MR?I told him that he will never approve of him because of his strict principles and unbending personality. He said that he won’t entrust his younger sister to someone like him and suffer miserably.

The pilot day finally arrived, KS and YK are co-anchors. Everything MR wrote was replaced. YK asked SJ’s whereabouts to which he replied “he’s at the hospital because Mi rae hurt her foot”. The broadcast when on and just as it was about to end MR and SJ arrived. But at the end, KS chose to use MR’s words for the closing spiel. She became emotional and went down immediately to talk to KS but he left right after the curtain fell. She tried calling him but he refused to answer even when he saw her at the entrance just as he was driving by. Everyone stayed up to see the ratings for the pilot which comes out early in the morning, which turned out to be 9.8 and 10.2 for an average of 10%. Miranda still wanted to ax the show and the writer responsible for it (which she thought was MR) but SJ convinced her to change her mind. SJ told Miranda that he’s not interested in running the network because top level management are cheap and base their decisions on emotion. So eventually Miranda gave in to him. He agreed to go back to his “position” in a month. Afterwards, she informed the team (who were huddled together waiting for the call) that they will get the 11pm slot.

Se Joo finally asked ahjumma for help reminding her of what she told him before. She asked KS to meet her at a Chinese restaurant to tell him something important. SJ and MR also came to the same restaurant. Meanwhile, after overhearing ahjumma’s phone conversation with SJ, YK began to investigate. She went to ahjumma’s locker and found her diary. She read the entries and was surprised. At the same time, Miranda arrived at the resto. She wanted to meet MR again and SJ promised to arrange it for her. After a while KS arrived and ahjumma told him that they were going to talk in a private room because the place was packed.Just as he was going up, he got a message from the person he asked regarding SJ. In the message, the person confirmed that SJ is indeed Miranda’s grandson and future chairman of YBS, just then the door opens  and he saw SJ, Miranda and MR in the room.


My Thoughts:

I understand why they needed to show the audience about what they were working on (dead couple) but I thought a glimpse would be enough but not a mini clip. In Se Joo’s words, it was so melodramatic at that point. I also feel sorry for Yoo Kyung. She is the righful person for Se Joo in the first place but now she’s almost begging for his attention. What I don’t understand is this: why is it that Mi Rae and Kim Shin had flashes and a certain emotional link but Se Joo and Yoo Kyung does not? Aren’t they in the same part of the equation? The “spy guy” also doesn’t make sense. He just pops up on screen like a fly and hen gone the next second without any explanations. So what’s his deal? Future Mi Rae is beginning to sound like a broken record. I guess the writing staff would just dump all the answers in the final episode. I hate it when dramas do that as if the whole journey was pointless. I don’t wanna fret over this so I’ll stop there.

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