Nicky Wu, Liu Shi Shi Admits Romance

At around 2:00 today (13th November) Nicky Wu (Wu Qilong) posted this message on his weibo account:


Thank you for your concern and blessing, we cherish this hard-won feelings, we sincerely hope that we can have our private life, give us some free time and space, thank you for understanding.”

A while later Liu Shi shi responded with this post “Thank you for your concern, I believe that God will give the best arrangement. “


It can’t be any clearer an admission than that! Just yesterday I posted about Shi shi and Hu Ge holding hands at the BQ event (see related post here) but after they walked the red carpet, Shi shi actually sat next to Nicky during the whole ceremony. As early as August this year, there have been many claims of “sightings” but the two never adressed those rumors. Earlier this month many media outlets reported that the two spent 8 hours together in one place thereby igniting more romance rumors. With their admission, fans responded with mixed reactions. But most were happy and congratulatory. It was said that weibo recorded more than 300,000 responses to the post within minutes. Many of the couples friends congratulated and sent happy messages to the two including Little Tigers bandmate Alec Su, co-stars Yuan Hong, Jiang Jin Fu, Ye Zu Xin, Guo Zhen Ni and even Nicky’s ex-wife Ma Yashu.

Nicky Wu and Liu Shi shi have worked together in the mega-popular Scarlet/Bu Bu Jing Xin步步惊心. Due to its massive success, which is also responsible for reigniting Si Ye’s (Nicky) career, a sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing 步步惊情 was made and is now about to be aired (thanks to the fandom’s incessant requests). They are also working on a third project together “Incisive Great Teacher 犀利仁师 ” According to many onlookers, the couple looked like well, a couple!

But some people are also doubting the veracity of the post because of its timing. They think that it’s an advertising ploy for the upcoming Bu Bu Jing Qing release. Oh please give me a break! I don’t think these two would resort to such cheap advertising gimmickry. So, let’s just all cry happy tears (like me!) and wish them happiness.


Check out the gallery below:

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