The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 6 – Recap

Sometimes without consciously knowing we form a habit. It becomes so normal like mundane everyday things that we barely notice that we are already falling into it. Whether it’s good or bad habits…sometimes we are not sure. And sometimes when we meet new people we grow accustomed to them without realizing that we actually love having them around already.




The three ladies, Ji An Lei, Tiffany and Jia Yi  all went for a check up for different reasons. AS they were talking about the results, Lei lei mentioned about having to eat loads of carrots because the doctor said she needed them. The 2 besties were surprised because they know for a fact that she hated carrots. Lei lei explained that thanks to Huang Yi Kang, who infused them in whaetver food she eats but is very good at it, she can’t even taste the carrots in them. The two then teased JAL for becoming so comfortable with HYK.

Yi Kang already feels settled living with JAL that he does many of the chores unbidden. He changes the lights, he fixes the fuse, he even makes coffee for her. But JAL, being the feminist that she is, told him not to do those things. He asked if it’s because she doesn’t like them. She explained saying that it’s not because of that, but rather it’s because she doesn’t want to rely on anyone, especially a man. The two then engaged in a not so lengthy battle of the sexes. After their “non discussion” she declared that she was going out. Surprised, HYK asked where would she go on a weekend. She said that she’s been working hard the whole week so she needs to use this time to date He Wei Ting. In turn she asked him whether he had asked Hai Lun out. He hasn’t. He also reminded JAL that needed to do some grocery shopping. She told him that it’s okay because as the landlord, she’s assigning the task to the tenant. HYK could only give her a thumbs up.

Hai Lun was trying to send a message to ask Wei Ting for dinner but decided not to send it. She was headed for the office but her stepmom asked if they could talk for a while because she wants to show her something. It was an old photo album when HL was still a kid. The stepmom (who is surprisingly cool!) was very supportive of her telling her to go for her happiness if she’s sure in her heart about it. She told HL that happiness can come from different sources and she should not be afraid and stand up to her dad. Meawhile, JAL and HWT are playing badminton like good friends do but HL’a father saw them. After that he talked with JAL regarding his daughter and HWT. It turns out that he has already changed his mind and is already willing to accept him if he could make his daughter happy. He asked JAL if he were truly serious about HL since she seemed to know him well. He was even willing to give him his dream job. This placed JAL in a tight spot because HWT just told her how he wants to prove himself and not simply suit anyone’s preference for him.

Lei lei decided to make dinner for her and HYK and tell him the news at the same time. She sent him a message but didn’t read them. After seeing HL still hard at work, he decided to stay and help her. It was already when they finished repacking so they took the bus home together. He chose that moment to confess. Unfortunately she didn’t her his confession because she had already fallen asleep. At the same time, the dishes JAL prepared were left on the table untouched. Finally he arrived home and started eating the food. JAL was knda upset becausde he didn’t inform her where he was. Hee said that if she told her he spent the night with HL would she still be angry. This chaned her mood suddenly and she perked up more when he said that he already confessed. The downside was that she was sleeping. Be he said that he feels muchbetter after expressing himself. That he has a sense of fulfIllment. JAL was of course incredulous about this. But HYK assured her that HL has already given him an answer and he has accepted it and gave his blessings. It made her more upset. And then he countered and ashed if she had confessed her true feelings for HWT herself. She said she hasn’t it didn’t matter because thing are going to change this weekend. She imposed on him not to give up on HL and that he must no’t think about it at all.

On the day of the barbecue, everyone who works for the company came to the Director’s house. Everyone was chatting happily enjoying HYK’s freshly barbecued meat. The director himself was in a good mood. Finally HWT arrived. HL immediately ran into his waiting embrace and they agreed not to fight in the future. He thanked HL’s father for inviting him and the director then made the announcement in front of everyone. He introduced HWT as his daughter’s boyfriend and also that he was going to be the editor-in-chief of their publishing company. He was of course not happy about this so he talked with the director and graciously rejected the offer. But the director won’t have it. HWT would also not give in saying that he doesn’t want people to say that he used his connections to get the position. HYK asked JAL if she already knew what the director was going to say and why she didn’t tell HWT in advance. HYK accused her of using the situation to gain an advantage, to which she responded saying she’s not that kind of person. She said that she could not have predicted what would happen whether it will turn out for good or bad. She also told him that she’s not like him who would easily give up on the person she loves.

Lei lei was waiting outside for Wei Ting. When he came, she immediately asked if he accepted. He said that of course he didn’t for how could he. He asked if she already what was going to happen and why she din’t tell him in advance. He was so upset feeling betrayed by his own bestfriend. Every bottled up feelings she had for the past 15 years spilled out after that. she said, that she has always been in love with him. A surprised HWT then said to her, “what do you expect then since I can’t accept the job nor can I reciprocate your feelings.” He told her that all he wanted was his bestfriend but she’s no longer there. HYK, who was actually eavesdropping (don’t you know that it’s rude to do that) nearby approached her. He asked if what she wanted was for the two to break up so she could come in. JAL was upset telling him he doesn’t understand where she’s coming from since he’s not the one who waited for 15 years. He then told her that it was her who don’t understand. He said “you’re time has passed and once it passed you cannot get it back”. He encouraged her to forget about him and learn to truly live her life and learn to enjoy the little things.

Yi Kang (he’s such a busybody!) went to comfort HL afterwards and then finally told her that the girl he actually likes is her. He went on and said that his confession was not for anything but for him to put an end to it. She thanked him for liking her and they agreed to remain good friends. He went home but JAL was not there. Obviously worried, he called Tiffany and asked if JAL was there. She was not, so he went out and searched for her everywhere! But they kept missing each other. JAL decided to do what HYK told her to do, she went to a KTV, read some books and tried to forget. All the while HYK was wondering where she was but he was happy because she was trying to overcome her pain. Even though he’s emotion was also messed up, he’s happy that he has her with him and asked her to let him accompany her in her sadness and pain. But eventually JAL ended up at HWT place. She apologized for making things difficult for him and then he said he’s very lucky because when he was away he has someone whom he could send postcards to and made him feel that there was always someone home waiting for him. She started bawling her eyes out (so was I! damn this was a painful part!) and hugged her.

Personal note:

This episode was emotionally charged. I think Yi Kang is not really in love with Hai Lun. He simply likes her that’s why he is not as torn as Lei lei is. 15 years is hard to forget. That’s like a lifetime! I liked Yi Kang’s compassionate nature. He is always there for other people. I especially like how he looks out for Lei lei although at times he seems rough. But sometimes, tough love is necessary to make a person see reason. As for Hai Lun’s father, he’s acting for me is lacking. I don’t feel anything when he talks. He should also be happy because the man his daughter wants to marry is a man with principles which is rare these days. He should actually be proud because he’s not an opportunist.

The ratings started out quite low for this but it’s been improving. The best rating it got was episode 4 with 1.03 although it dropped to .83 last episode. I hope the ratings improve. Next week’s episode looks exciting and funny!

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