“Secret” Successfully Ended on Top plus Cast Celebration


Secret successfully ended it’s 16 episode run last week with it’s finale episode aired on November 14th. It had quite a steep path, debuting with a single digit but quietly rose to the top of the Wednesday-Thursday block. The final episode got a nationwide rating of 18.9. Although it failed to clitch the 20% mark nationwide, it did manage to pull that feat in Seoul registering a 20.6% rating. It’s closest rival “The Heirs” got a nationwide rating of 15.9% and forget about Medical Top Team because it’s way below the batting average.After the final shoot,the whole cast including its production team celebrated with a simple traditional meal con farewell party.

To be honest I didn’t really follow this drama religiously. Angsty, revenge dramas are not really my cup of tea. I am more of a romance, light drama, type of person. Plus I’m not a fan of any of the leads. Hwang Jung Eum is good actress but she just looks so strange nowadays on TV like she has had too much botox done. I have nothing against the procedure but sometimes it really makes a person look strange than pretty. For his part, Ji Sung fared better here. This was a way better drama than his previous utter mess of a sageuk slash fantasy slash whatever Daepoongsoo or The Great Seer. There wasn’t anything great about it.

I am more excited with the drama replacing this time slot which used to be called Pretty Man but has now adapted the official English tile “Bel Ami”. More with that in another post…


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