November 18th (Monday) Drama Ratings Result


First, full disclosure. I don’t care about the other shows so I am only posting the results for the dramas I watch.
Yesterday, November 18th the Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo lead Empress Ki (MBC) managed to maintain it’s lead among the other programs in its time slot with a 15.5% rating. This is also enough to land on the 5th spot overall ratings. Melody of Love사랑은 노래를 타고 (which is surprising everyone by outperforming others) is lording over the competition as the overall number one with 23.7%.

Meanwhile (SBS) Choi Ji Woo’s Suspicious Housekeeper got 9.5% while (KBS) Yoon Eun Hye’s Marry Him If You Dare is continuing it’s downward spiral with 5%, recording the lowest “ever” ratings since its pilot.


Personal Note:

You may have noticed that I stopped recapping Marry Him If You Dare from episode 10. Furthermore, I will not continue with it any longer. The reason is simple. I am heartbroken by how it is faring and last night’s results was another blow to my already broken heart. I have no motivation left in me to continue with that task but will continue to watch the show in support of my Eun Hye. But thank you to those who have read my recaps.

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One thought on “November 18th (Monday) Drama Ratings Result

  1. Tangerine

    Yes, the ratings are dismal for MHIYD. But, I love how the leads’ characters are fleshing out for this drama. It may not be the perfect drama for everyone, heck there are some problems in writing but it’s a refreshing change that I’ve seen in a kDrama. I think what has happened here is that they have waited for too long to reveal the truth.

    Either way, I hope I can write a good review of this drama too. I remember watching Ruler of your Own World. It didn’t have a high rating but it has loyal viewers till the end.

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