Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo Spotted Together


What is it with celebrities these days? It seems like they are becoming more and more transparent with their personal lives. Before, it was almost close to impossible to spot celebs dating and when the public catch on, everything’s over. But maybe it is due to something else altogether, the thing which everyone has called instagram or weibo or twitter. Blame it on social media. Even celebs have become shutter happy clicking away and posting even very private moments on their personal accounts.

Just last week, Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi’s budding romance came to light straight from the horses’ mouth via weibo. This week a reel couple is in the center of the rumor mill once again. The couple in question is none other than “Just You 就是要你愛上我Qi Yi and Liang Liang better known as Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo. I suppose the two got so close during filming for the drama which ran for close to five months! Who wouldn’t get close in that condition? According to eye witnesses Aaron was spotted in Puff’s neighborhood and the two were chatting casually but when they noticed people snapping at them, Puff got into the car. But thanks to technology we could still see some paparazzi shots with them in the car.

Incidentally, today is Aaron’s 27th birthday and two posted a picture of them having dinner. They also exchaged what fans like to call “coded” messages with each other. Personally, I don’t want to read too much into this. After all, friends DO hang out and act sweet especially when you’re comfortable with one another.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Pudding AARON!!! Jiā yoú!



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