Reply 1994, To Get an Extension?



The cable TV drama Reply 1994 응답하라 1994 (tvN), was originally set to have a 20 episode run on 1 episode per week but started airing back-to-back, (Friday-Saturday) episodes from the second week. The drama has aired 11 of its intended 20 episodes in the last six weeks. Initially, if completed as planned, a total of 20 episodes with 9 more remaining until the finale in the last week of December will be broadcast.

But the production company and network is now faced with a tough decision. To extend or not, that is the question. It is doing even better that it’s predecessor, Reply 1997. The rating is continuously rising. With cable TV standard, this is beyond remarkable. According to Nielsen Korea the ratings are as follows; Episode 1 2.6%, Episode 2-3 3%, 3.2%, Episode 4-5 4.2%, 4.7%,Episode 6-7 5.8%, 6.2%,Episode 8-9 7.1%, 8.1%,Episode 10-11 8.8% 8.8% (up 10.6%). Calling it a phenomenal hit would be a just summation.

PD Shin Won Ho however denied this rumor saying that there is no extension when asked by the media. He said, that a lot of things should be considered especially the story. It’s good to know that doesn’t want to sacrifice the quality of the drama for the sake of ratings.

Although I am not utterly loyal to this drama, I think that it’s throwback feel is what is drawing people to it. Nostalgia plus the hilarious cast of mismatch couples are just some of the perfect elements this drama offer. So if you aren’t watching this yet, I suggest you do, like right now!

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