Jin Se Yeon Cast in Age of Feeling Joins Kim Hyun Joong,Lim Soo Young


Jin Se Yeon has been cast as Yoon Ok Ryeon in the upcoming KBS2 drama Age of Feeling감격시대, a role originally offered to Kim So Eun who backed out at the last minute due to scheduling conflicts. The drama was intented for a November release but because of its story which necessitates filming overseas extensively, it was pushed to a January play date after Bel Ami. Since the drama is about the struggle of a group of young people during the 1930’s just before the war, the production team had to film key scenes in Shanghai.

The last time I saw Jin Se Yeon was in the Joo Ji Hoon comeback project Five Fingers. She also took over the role originally intended for T-Ara’s Ham Eun Jung. Back then, Ham Eun Jung was forcibly removed because of the whole bullying incident which was blown out of epic proportion. After a gazillion of he says, she says and an apology later, everything is back to normal for the group.

She joins Kim Hyun Joong (Shin Jung Tae), the male lead and female lead Lim Soo Young (Ga-ya). It has been reported that KHJ has already started filming. With the released BTS, looks to me like he really wants to work the whole machismo thing and I say it’s working. He sure exudes tough-rough male to me. What would Yun Ji Hoo (Boys Over Flowers) say to all this? After the failed City Conquest, this has got to be a welcome respite for him.


KHJ first shooting day

KHJ first shooting day

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