My Top 10 Taiwanese Actors (Part 2)

6. Chris Wang 王宥勝

Where I discovered him: The Fierce Wife (2010)

Most memorable character:  Ke Wei Xiang (Inborn Pair)



He’s one of those actors who grows on you. Little by little I found myself liking Chris and eventually ended up rooting for him in the very successful The Fierce Wife (with Sonia Sui). He got the the girl in the end (in the movie version) of course! His memorable team up with t.v. sweetheart Annie Chen in Inborn pair further cemented his lead actor status. I didn’t like Love Me or Leave Me but I’m looking forward to his first mainland drama Girl on the Bread Tree (again with Sonia Sui).


7. Vic Zhou 周渝民

Where I discovered him: Meteor Garden (2002)

Most memorable character: Hua Ze Lei (Meteor Garden)



Zai Zai as his fans fondly call him has gone a long way from the shy, awkward, can-barely act newbie in MG.  Among the 4, I admit that he’s the better actor. He wowed me in Black and White (with Marh Chao and Ivy Chen, which I absolutely love!) and the period drama Hui Jia. He proved his versatility as the rebellious Chen Ling in Mars (with Barbie Hsu) and in the movie Perfect Two (with Ella).


8. Ethan Ruan 阮經天

Where I discovered him: Fated to Love You (2008)

Most Memorable  character: He Shang (Monga)



He may not be a drop dead gorgeous guy but I like him purely for his acting ability. The guy can really act! He even got a Golden Horse Best Actor trophy to prove it. He was so good in Fated to Love You (with Chen Qiao En) that I hated him and loved him at the same time. It was also his ability which shined for me in My Queen (with Cheryl Yang). I believe that most great actors venture into film more than dramas as he is doing nowadays.


9. Joe Cheng 鄭元暢

Where I discovered him: It Started with a Kiss (2005)

Most memorable character: Jiang Zhi Shu (ISWAK)



Some people might say that he can’t act (well) but I beg to differ. He was perfect as the emotionless Zhi Shu in ISWAK (with Ariel Lin). And it was only recently that I watched The Rose which aired before ISWAK but I found his acting as the confused and obsessive Han Kui to be very effective and his best by far. Although I admit that some of his roles are blah (Summer X Summer, Honey and Clover) but nowadays he’s choosing better roles.


10. (It’s a tie!) Mike He 賀軍翔 and Wu Zun 吳尊

Where I discovered them: Devil Beside You (2005), Tokyo Juliet (2006)

Most Memorable characters: Huo Da (Why Why Love), Zuo Yi Quan (Hana Kimi)



Okay, my feelings for these two has been up and down over the years. It’s a love hate relationship. There are times when I’m crazy about them and then there are times when I couldn’t care less. I adore Mike’s intense acting style in Why Why Love, Devil Beside You (with Rainie), and Bullfighting (with Hebe). I also love him in Sunny Happiness (with Janine Chang) and in Love Keeps Going (with Cyndi Wang). Wu Zun on the other hand, aah I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve obsessed with him and the next day was done with him. I like him for his looks and his hot bod to be honest. I liked him in Hana Kimi (with Ella) and Sunshine Angel (with Rainie) but his portrayal in Romantic Princess and Hot Shots was so lame.

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  1. pippo

    How about Kai Ko?

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