50th Golden Horse Awards Red Carpet and Winners!

50th golden horse


Stars from China, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia and Taiwan gathered at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall for the prestigious 50th Golden Horse Awards this weekend. It was a who’s who of the greater China region as A-listers attend the Chinese version of the Oscars. The event is even more sentimental because it brought together previous winners over the years who normally don’t come together in one occasion. It was specially nice to see Brigitte Lin and Maggie Cheung, two of the best actresses,in one event again. Singaporean film Ilo.Ilo won top honors as it bagged the Best Feature Film while The Grandmaster took home several major awards.

Fashion-wise, I like Maggie’s royal blue Elie Saab lace gown and Sonia Sui’s daring, elegant black gown. Shu Qi’s Valentino dress is sort of out of place and her hair is just plain wrong. The french braid can be both casual and dramatic if done the right way but hers was just messy. Yao yao’s mini dress is age appropriate but she should have gone for pumps instead of those hideous platforms. The men were almost identical in their black suits.


Here is the List of Winners

Best Feature Film: Ilo Ilo

Best Director: Tsai Ming-liang (Stray Dogs)

Best Leading Actor: Lee Kang-sheng (Stray Dogs)

Best Leading Actress: Zhang Ziyi (The Grandmaster)

Best Supporting Actor: Li Xuejian (Back to 1942)

Best Supporting Actress: Yeo Yann Yann (Ilo Ilo)

Best New Director: Anthony Chen (Ilo Ilo)

Best New Performer: Guo Shu-yau (Step Back to Glory)

Best Original Screenplay: Anthony Chen (Ilo Ilo)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Li Qiang (So Young)

Best Cinematography: Philippe Le Sourd (The Grandmaster)

Best Visual Effects: Pierre Buffin (The Grandmaster)

Best Art Direction: Chang Suk-ping, Yau Wai-ming (The Grandmaster)

Best Makeup/Costume Design: Chang Suk-ping (The Grandmaster)

Best Action Choreography: Jackie Chan, He Jun, JC Stunt Team (CZ12)

Best Film Editing: Matthieu Laclau, Lin Xudong (A Touch of Sin)

Best Original Film Score: Lim Giong (A Touch of Sin)

Best Original Film Song: Rock Me To The Moon (I Love You)

Best Sound Effects: Tu Duu-chih, Kuo Li-chi (Soul)

Best Documentary: Beyond Beauty, Taiwan From Above

Best Short Film: Butter Lamp

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Yeh Ju-feng

Lifetime Achievement Award: Chen Chen


Check out the gallery

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Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo Spotted Together


What is it with celebrities these days? It seems like they are becoming more and more transparent with their personal lives. Before, it was almost close to impossible to spot celebs dating and when the public catch on, everything’s over. But maybe it is due to something else altogether, the thing which everyone has called instagram or weibo or twitter. Blame it on social media. Even celebs have become shutter happy clicking away and posting even very private moments on their personal accounts.

Just last week, Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi’s budding romance came to light straight from the horses’ mouth via weibo. This week a reel couple is in the center of the rumor mill once again. The couple in question is none other than “Just You 就是要你愛上我Qi Yi and Liang Liang better known as Aaron Yan and Puff Kuo. I suppose the two got so close during filming for the drama which ran for close to five months! Who wouldn’t get close in that condition? According to eye witnesses Aaron was spotted in Puff’s neighborhood and the two were chatting casually but when they noticed people snapping at them, Puff got into the car. But thanks to technology we could still see some paparazzi shots with them in the car.

Incidentally, today is Aaron’s 27th birthday and two posted a picture of them having dinner. They also exchaged what fans like to call “coded” messages with each other. Personally, I don’t want to read too much into this. After all, friends DO hang out and act sweet especially when you’re comfortable with one another.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Pudding AARON!!! Jiā yoú!



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Show Luo Gets Lucky, Smooches Screen Goddess Shu Qi

Asia’s dancing king, Show Luo has been busy promoting his 10th and latest studio album Lion Roar. He died his hair blonde for his album’s cover in an avant-garde inspired theme. Whereas he was black, red and phantomish in Roshomon, he is golden, yellow and regal for this album. He’s also in the middle of a world tour aptly called Over the Limit. He just landed back in Taipei from his performance at the first annual YouTube Music Awards held in South Korea. Nope, the man ain’t busy at all. Its’s a wonder how he finds time to kiss and fool around with sexy screen goddess Shu Qi. The two even shared a bed together! They are both cute and intimate with Shu Qi biting Show’s shoulder. Don’t us girls love to do that to our boyfriends?  All right, settle down ladies…and gents. This is not for real. The two are working on set for Show’s latest MV Unfinished Promise 未完的承諾. They have previously worked together in the Stephen Chow produced and directed megahit film Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons so it is probably why Shu Qi agreed to guest star in the MV despite her full schedule. It’s always a good thing when artists help each other out.


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Vic Zhou Wins Best Actor at 48th Taiwan Golden Bell Awards


The 48th Taiwan Golden Bell Awards was held in Taiwan at the Zhongshan Memorial Hall yesterday. The event was hosted by last year’s best actor winner, Bolin Chen. Taiwanese celebrities glammed up and walked the red carpet. Most notably newcomer Janet looked smashing in a black sexy peekaboo gown. Event host Bolin Chen was most probably the best looking guy of the night save perhaps for best actor winner Vic Zhou who looked equally delicious in a suit. Bolin handed him his first trophy personally. It was a sweet moment for Zai Zai after losing the best actor award to Mark Chao for Black and White. The two of them were the leads of the drama and were nominated for the same category back in 2010. But I think it is safe to say that everyone was expecting him to win. It may also be the reason why the once good friends became bitter friends. So I am so happy for Zai Zai’s win. He truly deserves this award.

It was also good to see some of my favorites on the red carpet like Nikki Hsieh (I would have loved to see Chris Wu as well but I guess that’s asking too much), Sonia Sui, Amber Kuo, Megan Lai, and Selina Jen (minus Ella and Hebe).


Here’s the list of the (drama related) winners:

  • Best Program: Falling PTS
  • Best Mini Series/TV Movie:Life Story PTV
  • Best Actor: Voc Zhou for Home
  • Best Actress: Miao Ke Li for Han Xiao Shi tang/Flavor of Life
  • Best Supporting Actor: Lee Daniel for Home
  • Best Supporting Actress: Esther Liu for Falling
  • Best Director: Wang Ming Tai for Falling
  • Best Screenplay: Wen Yu Fang for Falling



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Ariel Lin Enjoys the Simple Life in the UK

After finishing her promotional duties for the hit series King of Lan Ling <兰陵王> and gracing numerous endorsements in Taiwan, Ariel Lin packed her suitcases and flew straight to the UK. She had been wishing to study and take a break for a long time but didn’t have the time due to her hectic work schedule. She has worked non-stop since her debut. Most stars choose to study in Europe or in the US away from the public’s prying eyes and to experience a normal day to day life however short-lived. Last month Jolin Tsai did the same and Chen Qiao En vacationed in New York early this year. But of course they cannot completely go stealth. And thanks to weibo, we can actually get a glimpse of them every now and then.

Recently Ariel uploaded a few pics on her personal page on weibo. She’s wearing casual clothes, big black rimmed glasses sans make up while enjoying a leisurely walk in the park on a beautiful sunny day in Greenwich. She looks absolutely carefree and pretty. I think she’s one of the few celebrities blessed with youthful looks. It’s probably because of her small frame and her ever present smile. Some people are asking whether her rumored boyfriend came along for the trip. I bet he did!

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The 50th Golden Horse Awards Noms are Out — The Grandmaster Leads with 11 Nods


Just last week China’s Golden Rooster Awards recognized the best in film with Back to 1942 as the big winner bagging Best Film and Best Actor. Sadly though, the movie was snubbed in this year’s 50th Golden Horse Awards. No such love was given to Huang Xiao Ming either who previously won for Best Actor, not even a nomination. I haven’t seen the movie so I’m not qualified to comment on this but I bet he felt offended.

The day’s biggest film is undoubtedly the martial arts epic “The Grandmaster” which bagged a total of 11 noms including Best Film, Best Director for Wong Kar Wai, Best Actor and Best Actress for its leads Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Zhang Ziyi respectively. Hongkong Film Awards winner Tony Leung Ka-fai also got a nod for Best Actor for his outstanding performance in Cold War. Jimmy Wang Yu for Soul and Lee Kang Sheng for Stray Dogs are also in the running for Best Actor.

Last years’ Best Actress winner Gwei Lun Mei is again nominated for Christmas Rose along with Sammi Cheng for Blind Detective, Hongkong new comer Cherry Ngan and seven-time nominee Shu Qi for her kick-ass performance in Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons.

But what I am most ecstatic about is that my Taiwanese cutie pie Eddie Peng Yu Yuan is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his Unbeatable performance! I can’t even begin to express how jubilant I am over this. I feel like crazy grinning from ear-to-ear or more like a girlfriend celebrating her loverboy’s success. All right I’ll stop there!

My Eddie is no stranger to the Golden Horse Awards having been nominated twice in the past. First for Best Newcomer Award in 2007 for the movie My DNA Says I Love You and for Best Actor in 2011’s Jump Ashin. He has yet to win a trophy though. I am fervently praying for him to get this but I know that competition is tough. He has to beat Tong Da Wei for American Dreams in China, Li Xuejian for Back to 1942, Chen Tianwen for Ilo.Ilo and Huang Bo for Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons who are in the same category. I’ll be rooting for him no matter what!

The winners will be revealed on November 23.


Look at those pecs!

Look at those pecs!

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Wu Chun Finally Admits, He is Now a Father and a Husband


Why am I not surprised about this at all? I guess it’s because it’s been common knowledge since forever that he is in fact committed to his high school sweetheart. I remember this news was so big back in 2011 but he downplayed it then and his agency denied it. I, myself actually believed it then. Flash forward 2013 — with a new book coming out tomorrow, aptly titled 決定勇敢 “Courageous Decision” he finally decided to come out in the open about his personal life. The press conference will be held tomorrow wherein the press is expecting him to confirm this news which is in fact already posted on his official website.

What news you ask?
He is married to his sweetheart of about 18 years whom he meet at the age of 16 and a father to a 2 and a half year old cute baby girl. Yes, the once Fahrenheit member is a husband and father. He said that the reason for his denial in the past was to protect his family from public scrutiny. I totally understand where he’s coming from. The public can be really scary and over zealous at times. Mayhaps, he just didn’t want the papz snapping pictures of his wife and daughter. But some fans are of course crying themselves to death and mourning their loss. What loss?! Good riddance! Get a hold of yourselves (crazy) women. The guy deserves to be happy! So be good and be happy for him.

I remember seeing Chun Ge for the first time in Tokyo Juliet (with Ariel Lin). I thought at first -this guy can’t act but sure is cute! He then joined the group Fahrenheit along with Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan and the rest as they say is history. I still think he needs some acting workshop until now though.

I too am a (zealous) fan (not of him though) and I do get jealous when I hear rumors of my “ai ren” rendezvousing with some ladies. We can dream but then we should know what’s impossible and what’s real.

Congratulations Chun Ge and best wishes!

He's taken ladies! Retract those claws!

He’s taken ladies! Retract those claws!

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Taiwan’s Advertising Kings and Queen — Show Luo on Top


They say that it’s lonely on top but I guess that’s not always true. Taiwan’s number 1 “AD King” this year is no other than multi-media star Show Luo. I’m pretty sure he’s laughing all the way to the bank. He made a total of 17 endorsements (which means you can practically see his face everywhere!) and raked in a total of 489 million yuan. A big chunk of that came from a very lucrative hamburger chain deal (yes it’s that one with a Mac), a clothing brand, a gadget, a facial wash, a tea drink, a hair product, and many others. Coming in a close second is former number one and still “AD Queen” Pop Idol Jolin Tsai who made 411 million yuan out of 15 ads (not bad eh even after taking a long break this year!). Rounding off the top 5 are Lee Hom Wang with 10, 289M, Mayday with 8, 168M and Rainie Yang with 15, 150M, at 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. You may have noticed that Rainie made the same number of ads as Jolin but there’s a big difference in the total earnings. Well that is simple because Rainie’s asking price per endorsement is only 5M yuan while Jolin price is 8M yuan.

Top 5 Endorsement Earners

1. Show Luo – A total of 489 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 6,000,000 yuan Chinese about 33.66 million yuan NT count 17

2. Jolin Tsai – A total of 411 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 8,000,000 yuan Chinese about 31.25 million yuan NT count 15

3. Leehom Wang – A total 289 million yuan, 15 million yuan of Taiwan ˙ advertising price of about 28.85 million yuan China NT count 10

4. Mayday – A total of 168 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 6,000,000 yuan Chinese about 29.45 million yuan NT count 8

5 Rainie Yang – total 150 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 5,000,000 yuan Chinese about 21.63 million yuan NT count 15


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Ariel Lin Wowed the Crowd at a Fashion Event in Taipei

Now it can be said that King of Lang Ling兰陵王 was a relatively successful drama both in the mainland and in Taiwan. It’s female lead Ariel Lin recently attended a fashion event and eventually became the center of attention as the media asked eager questions about her co-star Feng Shao Feng and of a “rumored” sequel which she both answered in jest. If you ask me, I think she had more chemistry with Daniel Chan (who played the Northern Zhou King). Ariel was daring in her animal print inspired look (from head to foot!) with a see-through plastic skirt and a matching clutch with the same printed pattern.

Other stars who also graced the affair were Nikki Hsieh, Nick Chou, Xiu Jie Kai, Rhydian Vaughan et. al.

Check out the photos.


Nick Chou


Rhydian Vaughan


Nikki Hsieh, Xiu Jie Kai


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