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Upcoming Mainland Drama “One and a Half Summer” Releases First Stills with Nichkhun


Although One and a Half Summer won’t be airing until the middle of next year Interfax and CJ Entertainment released the first wave of stills in HD. The drama which has started production since July is expected to wrap up next month. Although the premise may not be all that fresh, a bunch of college kids learning to be independent, reaching for their dreams, fulfilling their passions and falling in love, yep! indeed we’ve seen a zillion dramas with the same story line. But, it doesn’t stop drama addicts from waiting for this one to come out, myself included, for the sole reason that it’s got 2PM‘s Nichkhun as the lead. This is not his first acting work but his first in China. I am eager to see if there’s more to him than his cute,baby face.

The drama centers on the female protagonist Luo Man played by actress Xu Lu, a cheerful, good-hearted tomboyish Philosophy major who’s constant companion is her childhood friend Li Xiu Qi played by one of mainlands hot property Jiang Jin Fu, a typical, law major goody two shoes. Nichkhun is Zhang Hao, a mischievous, musically gifted foreign student who flew to Beijing because of a girl he likes, Shu Qing played by Yu Wen Wen, a glamorous yet sad rich girl who’s secretly into rock music. A whole bunch of other college kids completes the characters including actors, Meng Jia or JIA from MissA, Zhu Dan, Wei Da xun, Wen Ting et. al.

The first encounter between Lou Man and Zhang Hao would result in constant bickering between the two but we all know where it would eventually lead. I wonder if they have chemistry or whether Lou Man would end up with Li Xiu Qi instead. It remains to be seen. Until then, let us first enjoy these first official batch of teasers.

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