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Blue Lan Comes Back with Another Idol Drama, “Apple In Your Eye” with Amber An

Yesterday a press conference was held in Taipei for the upcoming idol drama Apple In Your Eye 大隻妹 (literal translation “da zi mei” which means big sister). The main cast gathered and posed for the cameras including Blue Lan, Amber An, Mo Yun Wen and Zhang Ting Hu,the four leads of the drama. Playing Amber’s parents are Xia Jing Ting and Lin Meixu.

Head screenwriter Xu Yu Ting, whose previous works include the angst ridden Mars (Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu), Meteor Garden 2 (F4, Barbie Hsu) and most recently, In Time With You (Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen) which gave her a Golden Bell for best screenplay was also present at the event explaining her inspiration for the characters in this drama.

Blue Lan is a sharp-tongued yet emotional man. Newcomer Zhang Ting Hu who’s turn as a troubled youngster in Boys Can’t Bly 刺蝟男孩 gave him some attention, will play the love rival who is a soft-hearted, cry baby. It is also Amber An’s first time to play the lead in an idol drama. Most recently, she played Joseph Chang‘s girlfriend in the critically acclaimed and box-office hit The Stolen Years (with Bai Bai He). Mo Yun Wen, a classy, rich and pretty lady completes the love square. She also recently finished another drama, Love Around (Annie Chen and George Hu).

I’m not really a big fan of Blue Lan and neither do I care about Amber An who’s barely in my consciousness. But sometimes Blue Lan does make some really good dramas like PS Man, The Legend of Hero and Easy Fortune Happy Life. So I’m giving this one a go.


Check out the gallery below:

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Seven Friends, Upcoming Idol Drama with Fu Xinbo

Seven Friends 七个朋友, this drama poses the question — What is a friend for you? Is it someone who eats or drinks with you? Or someone who chases your dreams with you?
The story is about seven youngsters coming from different backgrounds, with different identities, personalities, struggles and dreams and their intertwining fate as they experience hardships, heartaches, family problems and first loves.

Let me give a brief introduction of the characters.

Ze Qin Yong (Fu Xinbo), an honest yet impulsive guy of 24.He likes straight talk and doesn’t like beating around the bush.He acts first, think later.He may not be good in school but has integrity in character. He’s always there for his friends no matter the circumstance. He is good at cooking and dreams of studying at France Cordon Bleu College of Education and opening his own Michelin rated restaurant in the future.


Zheng Ya Bai (Chen Yi), Chen Yong’s high school classmate. The son of a CEO and successor to the family business. He has a brilliant mind, gifted and bold, yet cynical and can be over-confident. On the outside he displays an uncaring, egotistical and selfish person who only loves himself in order to conceal his inner insecurities. He wants to be his own man and is unhappy about being a successor.



Ren Dong Jie (Chen Jian Hong), an only child to a wealthy yet absentee parents. He has an eccentric personality and does not like to be in a crowd.He loves writing and relies on it for a living.He has a gentle personality and can be sentimental and shy. For him making virtual friends is easier than making one in the real world. he spends his time on the computer.



Xun Jian Ming (Tang Zhen Gang), not very good in school and a troublemaker. However he’s a smooth talker and believes that his eloquence will lead him to success even if he does not work hard. He can be unscrupulous and boastful. He dreams of becoming a millionaire and be surrounded with beautiful women.He competes with Ya Bai for Nana‘s heart.



Gu Jun Ye (Liu Xin),tomboyish, rebellious and cool.Loyal and true to her friends. She seems to be uninterested in men but has been holding a torch for A’Ze yet she dare not confess her true feelings. She wants to prove that women are as good as men.She shares a dream with A’Ze in studying at the prestigious French culinary school and hopes of becoming a restaurant manager in the future.

Qu Xing Tong (Ren Rong Xuan), innocent and kind-hearted.  A’ze‘s friend and Ya Bai‘s high school classmate. She grew up in a simple home with only her mother raising her. She’s sometimes bullied by colleagues owing to her good-natured personality.She always sees the good things in people. However, she is hesitant in love because she does not want to cause rift among friends.

Fu Zhen Xi (Theresa Fu), beautiful, sexy and has always been popular with the boys.She thinks that boys are just ornaments and nothing can be more important than her sisterhood. She comes from a rich family with 3 equally pretty sisters and a gossipy mother. She seems to value money and status most yet wants true emotion.

It was aired in the mainland this summer and will be broadcast over CTV in Taiwan early next and in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.

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The Pursuit of Happiness Special Screening Held Today


With just two days left before it’s premiere on October 11th (TTV), the entire cast of The Pursuit of Happiness 爱的生存之道 led by Sonia Sui and Tony Yang held a special screening today in Taipei to hundreds of loyal fans. The media and fans alike were also privy to the different pairs jostling, which is a “must” for Taiwanese promotions I should say. I don’t know why they always do the “dip and pose” thingy. I have yet to see a pair for a Taiwanese drama not doing that. The cutest that I’ve ever seen to date is probably Chris Wang and James Wen‘s “dip and kiss” during their promotional activities for The Fierce Wife movie. That one was hilarious!

This is what I'm talking about!

This is what I’m talking about!

Sonia, who was the titular character in the movie and in this drama as we all know is a jilted girlfriend. Much like her character Ji An Lei, her boyfriend left her for another girl (Yao Yuan Hao whom she dated for 7 years is now Cyndi Wang‘s current flame). I don’t mean to condone nor point accusing fingers on anyone, it’s their life! Besides who needs a douche! I bet a Huang Yi Kang portrayed by Tony Yang, is just around the corner waiting to sweep her off her feet. Tony was even teasing Sonia during the event that it’s about time for her to “open her heart” to which Sonia laughingly replied “Where? Show me who!” Other co-stars in attendance were; Zhuang Kaixun, Xiepei En, Xiaoxian, Guo Xin Xu Yi-Fan, Zhang Jiahui, Xin Yue but unfortunately child actors Jane Wang Lin, Zeng Yi-Chia, Hoi Yu Fen were unable to attend the press conference.

Oh well, my late nights are just about to get even “later” with this new addition to the slew of other dramas already in my watchlist. But there is no way I’m letting this one pass. Thank God for eye creams or else I would look like I’ve been punched in the eyes all the time.


Cast L-R:  Xiao Xian, Guo Xin, Zhang Jia Hui, Xu Yi Fan, Zhuang Kai Xun, Sonia Sui, Tony Yang, Xie Pei En, etc.

Cast L-R: Xiao Xian, Guo Xin, Zhang Jia Hui, Xu Yi Fan, Zhuang Kai Xun, Sonia Sui, Tony Yang, Xie Pei En, etc.

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Pursuit of Happiness Brings Together Sonia Sui and Tony Yang for the First Time


After waiting for a few months, it’s finally down to a few more days. Fine, it’s still a few weeks away but i’m an optimist! One of the (few) dramas that I’ve been patiently anticipating is finally airing!  愛的生存之道 which literally translates to Love Survival, with an English title — Pursuit of Happiness (not to be confused with that Will Smith movie) brings together Sonia Sui and Tony Yang. Sonia has not done a drama in Taiwan since 2010 which was the highly successful The Fierce Wife but instead was very busy doing dramas in the mainland. It is actually one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas of all-time, so if you haven’t seen it I highly suggest that you start now. It is also the reason why I like her, thus making me anticipate her follow-up project. Tony Yang on the other hand, though he may not be my favorite, but I gotta say that he’s a solid male lead. He’s got the talent and aura to make women swoon. I guess, he just isn’t my type. Yet, since he is pairing up with Sonia and what with the BTS photos and teasers I’ve been seeing, I can say that there is definitely some chemistry there. I am hoping that it translates on screen. The production has actually begun a few months back, so I am expecting that this one will be good and not like those obviously hurried,throw in your face dramas of late.

The drama is about a 30 plus woman who almost has everything she wants in life. A job she likes and a man she loves until somebody steals her thunder at work and stole her man right under her nose. Sonia Sui is Ji An Lei, who will join forces with her roommate Tony Yang as Huang Yi Kang, a guy who is pining for Ji An Lei’s boss’ daughter, Shen Hai lun played by Aggie Hsieh, steal back her boyfriend He Ting Wei, Zhuang Kai Xun who happens to be Shen Hai Lun’s current flame. So they device a plan to make the other two fall in love with them. Will it work or will they instead fall for each other? Yeah, all right, I’ve seen this storyline before too but who cares! I’m still going to watch this one. The drama will air on October 11th over TTV as 22:00 and at 22:30 on October 12th on GTV.

Here’s the trailer.

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