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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 1 –Recap

The team behind In Time With You is back again with this drama minus the director, so it’s no wonder that you can draw a lot of similarities in it including the whole narrative and female point of view. The adorable Lin Mei Xiu who acted as Ariel Lin’s mom in ITWY is back in the mom role as Lei Lei’s mom. I think she’s been mom to almost everybody but I love her nonetheless. What I like about this drama is that it feels real. Women past their prime or even in their prime would normally think of what they want in life, a happy marriage, a family, a thriving career or simply to find happiness. But what if the happiness that you pictured is not what destiny brings you?

Episode 1 opened with Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui) pondering about her future. She has a lot of doubts about what she wants that will really make her happy and her motivation to live. Lost in her thoughts, she hails a taxi and heads for “bridal street”. The taxi driver congratulates her thinking that she would be getting married or why else would she be in that place. Her family has been waiting for her to take the wedding photos. She made some excuses about being late then quickly changed into a white dress. It’s not her wedding, but her nieces’. Standing alone, the photographer asked if she is waiting for someone or if her husband is dead, to which her mom replied that she is still single. Her mom then prods the poor man if he wants a girlfriend. Mama Li urges Lei Lei to seek a fortune tellers advice but unfortunately it seems that luck is not on her side both in love and career.

On the other side of the world Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang) is saying goodbye to his co-workers. He decided to go back to Taipei for love. He doesn’t have enough time to book a hotel so he decides to go to his former student’s Xiao Yun and Da Kai’s house instead. Lei Lei mistaking him for a pervert hurriedly closes the gate on him. He insists and calls her “Xiao Yi” to which she incredulously replies “how do you know to call me that?” Fortunately, Da Kai and Xiao Yun comes out and recognizes their assistant teacher explaining to Lei Lei that they have met him before.

Ji An Lei is expecting a promotion and her colleagues believe as well that she deserves the post as General Manager after Jason, the former general manager got pirated by the rival company.Her boss asks her to come to his office to talk. He then tells how she is an asset to the company and that he relies on her. She thought that it is a clear indication that he will be promoting her.

Her phones rings and the mysterious caller who’s been calling her all morning reveals himself and turns out to be her ex-boyfriend He Ting Wei (Zhuang Kai Xun). He then tells that he’s coming back and plans to settle down. He even remembers his promise to marry her when she’s still single at 35. He asks her to pick him up at the airport. Flashback to her college days and their first meeting by the bridge. She recalls how many times they’ve broken up and got back together again. She’s thinking that they are probably meant to be together.

At the bar, Lei lei and Yi Kang met again. She is throwing a bridal shower sort of thing for Xiao Yun while Yi Kang is alone waiting for the girl he’s been calling on the phone. LL’s friends ask YK to join them on the table. Xiao Yun then proceeds to tell Xiao Yi of their first encounter with YK’s help. Turns out that they have met in the university a few years back but LL has forgotten. The next day the wedding takes place. The bride calls all the single ladies for the ceremonial tossing of the bouquet. LL refused but caves in when everyone starts chanting her name. The bride tosses the bouquet which landed on YK’s lap instead. He goes over to LL and gave it to her. She doesn’t want them but she has no reason to refuse.

Back in the company, the boss calls for a general assembly. The employees start talking to themselves saying that this must be about the new general manager. Lei Lei tries to look cool but deep inside she is anticipating ther good news. But instead the new general manager turns out to be the director’s own daughter Shen Hai Lun (Aggie Hsieh). Knowing that she does not deserve the position, she offers LL to use her office and call her by name to which LL refused saying that she’s happy in her place.

LL’s friends tries to comfort her by saying that maybe the champagne is not for her job promotion but to her wedding proposal. Ting Wei asked her to meet him at a nice restaurant to tell her of a very important matter. She is half expecting a proposal given all the hints he’s been giving. He arrives at the place and tells her that he decided to get married to the girl who made him change and “that” girl is here. Hai Lun then approaches and kisses him on the cheek then turning to LL saying “So you’re the friend he’s been telling me about.”

Overall it was a solid start. I’d definitely watch the next episode.


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