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Yoon Eun Hye Debuts “New Do” on Marry Him If You Dare

With half of the episodes of Marry Him If You Dare 미래의선택 done, the production team and its main star Yoon Eun Hye agreed to shed the old image of Na Mi Rae and debut the new. In an interview, the star said that they felt the need to inject something new and fresh into the drama. With the direction the character is going, she is dreaming of a good future, to be distinguished at work and change herself.

About time! I mean the perm was actually growing on me and I thought she looked cute, but ditching it for a stylish, more sophisticated bob is a good decision. I’m loving it! She looks young and fresh. Don’t you think so?  It is a sort of symbolism for what the character wants to do with her life. In the previous episodes, Mi Rae was irresponsible, childish, and she depended on the men around her too much. As the story progresses, she became bolder, more confident and self reliant. Thus, the hair has a story to tell on its own. I just hope that the story improves as it enters the second half.


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