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Andy Chen Yi as the Legendary Flower Boy Gao Changgong aka Lan Ling Wang


Although he may not have the bravado nor the acting chops of or lack thereof of Feng Shao Feng, I do think that he fits the role much better aesthetically. He IS a “flower boy” and looking at the stills, you could actually understand why he had to cover that pretty face. Unlike FSF, who looks rather manly than delicate.

You could tell he looks good even with the mask on

You could tell he looks good even with the mask on

I remember the scene where Lan Ling Wang and Xue Wu met for the first time while he was taking a bath by the small lake (or was it a falls?) Xue Wu immediately took off her clothes and joined in thinking that he was a woman. I was like, seriously?! Which angle? Just because he had long hair doesn’t make him look any less than a man. It had its flaws, yes, but was still a good series especially with Ariel Lin who makes everything she does wonderful.

Check out those pecs!

Check out those pecs!

Princess of Lan Ling or what I’d like to call the younger version of Prince of Lan Ling, looks promising enough. The core is still the same, that is the love triangle among Gao Changgong-Princess of Lan Ling-Yuwen Yong. But this time, Yuwen Yong’s character takes the lead while Lan Ling Wang takes the back seat.

More Images

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The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 2 – Recap









It picked up where it ended in episode 1 with Ting Wei‘s reveal regarding his fiance Hai Lun. Lei Lei sat through the entire dinner pretending everything was okay pasting a fake smile on her face. She walked feeling dejected and went straight to bed dismissing what her niece Xiao Yun was trying to say. She woke up and realizing that she hasn’t changed, went straight to the bathroom where someone was taking a shower. Thinking it was Xiao Yun, she stripped down to her undies and started talking about her worst day saying that she was pathetic because she still loves the man who doesn’t love her anymore. She walked out but realizing that she left her phone, went back only to find a naked Huang Yi Kang. She hysterically asked him what he was doing in her house and he went on to explain. It turns out that Xiao Yun had rented her room to him for a month and left Lei Lei a message but she did not listen to it. Suddenly Lei Lei’s friends came to celebrate her supposed engagement but Jiang Yun had to go to the bathroom and found the naked Yi Kang and Tiffany followed suit. Soon after Tiffany accidentally opened the broken faucet and Yi Kang ran to contain the water letting his cover go. Tiffany (can’t help but love this girl) offered to cover Yi Kang herself. The 2 girls then realizing the real situation told JAL to let HYK stay. She agreed.








Meanwhile, HYK is still waiting to hear from Helen. His been wanting to confess even buying a necklace for her. Finally she replied and agreed to meet him. It turns out that the girl he likes and HTW’s fiance is one and the same girl. They met in a resto and started talking about their past encounters in New zealand. HYK started dropping hints as he began his confession only to be totally shut out after hearing Helen say that she has finally found the man she’ll love forever. He then decided to drown his sorrow with alcohol.At the same time, JAL is getting some encouragements from her friends. She thought that perhaps the lesson she must learn is to let go of the past. She came home and found a drunk HYK. As she herself was broken-hearted, she decided to join in and the two got drunk on champagne. It was their first time to really talk since both can understand what the other was feeling. HYK then gave JAL the necklace she bought for Hai Lun. Alone in her room much later, JAL recalled a time when HTW gave her a necklace when they were still a couple.








The following day JAL and HTW met for coffee. The were obviusly very comfortable with each other. HTW asked JAL if she was ever happy with him saying that maybe all he gave her were heartaches. He then told her about their third break up which happened at the airport and what he told her at that time. JAL pretended to be uninterested (when she practically thinks about it all the time). She was touched that he still remembers his promise to marry her when she’s still single at 35.He said that he wants to be her good friend forever. He also confessed that he was very happy with her but treated her badly. He said that this time he would treasure his present relationship. Back in the office, JAL and her team are thinking up a good marketing plan for their new product. Simon (a co-worker) asked JAL about her plans regarding HL. The whole team is unhappy with their new “general manager” and plans to do something about it. However, JAL is hesitant. She is uncertain whether HL is an enemy or not because she seems to be nice enough.

He Ting Wei asked JAL to help him choose a necklace for HL (she chose the house, now she’s choosing the necklace too!) which he will give later at dinner. He was going to “meet the family”. However, everything went sour when HL’s father asked HTW regarding his future plans. HL’s father looks down on HTW’s ability to raise a family with his meager earnings and unstable job. HL’s sister said that her jie jie is old enough to decide on her own future(she’s an outspoken kid, good for her). After dinner a wounded HTW went seeking for JAL advice. Meanwhile JAL has just returned home, she found HYK fixing her door. He said that he noticed her difficulty when she closes it (how thoughtful!). But she retorted saying he doesn’t have to do anything. He also volunteered to fix the broken bathroom door. He was talking more casually with her after their “heart to heart” drunken talk the previous night. But JAL still puts up her wall shooting down HYK’s efforts. She then went in her room to get changed. At that time the doorbell rang. JAL came back out,in house clothes, and munched on a slice of melon HYK offered. He then said that someone was there looking for her. She turns and found HTW waiting at the living room and started explaining for him not to misunderstand the situation. He said “I need you now.



First off I like the homage to In Time with You. When the girlfriends were talking Tiffany said that maybe JAL thinks the two of them are like Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) and Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin).

Second, I’m beginning to dislike (not hate) Hai Lun. She’s so pleasant it’s so fake. And I like Tifanny! She’s the type of friend you’d want to have. Naughty but great where it counts.

Third, did you see Tony Yang‘s body? The dude’s ripped. I was like, Ji An Lei open your eyes girl! There’s a better guy right under your nose.

P.S. The preview looks really interesting. It looks like we’re going to see the love-square in action, finally!

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My Favorite On-Screen Couples/OTP (Part 1)

I’m not a coffee drinker but since it was a cool day I decided to get myself a big cup of cappuccino. 9 hours later, I still feel pretty much awake so I decided to write something to kill time. You already know that I’m a drama addict and my imaginings are filled with it. So here I am on my bed thinking about my favorite drama team ups. Who does that? Weird…I know! I wonder if you object with my choices or agree with them…

So without further ado here they are in random order.


1.Chen Qiao En and Mingdao (Prince Turns Into a Frog 2005)









My MingEn couple! He was the suave hotel CEO Shan Jun Hao while she was the money worshiping lower class girl Ye Tian Yu. Their first encounter was unpleasant but an accident caused SJH to have amnesia and not knowing who he is, he ended up staying with TY’s family. The arrogant guy eventually turned into a hardworking and kind man whom TY fell in love with. It was their first team up and the drama went on to become the highest rated idol drama in Taiwan’s history.They just click like that! They collaborated in many projects since then including Ying Yi 3+1, Let’s Dance, Beauties of the Emperor. Theirs is a beautiful professional partnership. The amazing chemistry they have on screen however, never translated into real life.


2.Ariel Lin and Joseph Cheng (It Started With A Kiss 2005)








Who could ever forget that kiss in the rain? Or the stolen kiss Jiang Zhi Shu gave a sleeping Yuan Xiang Qin? Or that agonizing and embarrassing moment when she mustered enough courage to give him “the” love letter. Their personalities can’t be anymore diffirent yet they were perfect for each other. The drama became so popular that They Kissed Again (get it?).They worked together in another drama Love or Bread(2008) and proved that the tandem is solid.They haven’t collaborated since then and I desperately want to see them together in a drama once again.


3.Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon (Goong 2006)








The mythical Crown Prince of imperial South Korea Lee Shin fell in love with an ordinary high school girl,Shin Chae Kyung, whom he was betrothed to. He was cool, famous and smart. She was messy,unrefined and stupid. But her cuteness and good heart won him over.Their’s was a cute dog-cat sort of relationship that eventually turned into love. It was the first foray into acting of then newbie Baby VOX member Yoon Eun Hye and first team-up with Joo Ji Hoon. Many fans protested about their casting but were proven wrong by their irresistible tandem.


4.Tang Yan and Wallace Huo (Chinese Paladin 3 2009)








Until now I still can’t get over their parting in Chinese Paladin 3 and… that song! The mere thought makes my heart heavy. I guess I just have a thing for undying love. Theirs was a doomed relationship from the very beginning which took them 3 lifetimes to finally accept. Even the gods were against them! She was a descendant of the goddess Nuwa (Zi Xuan) while he is a monk who is destined for immortality (Xu Chang Qing/Gu Liu Fang/Lin Ye Ping) but she was “the” distraction that’s keeping him from attaining it. Doomed and all, I was still rooting for them till the very end. They are indeed a Perfect Couple (2014).


5.Ady An and Vanness Wu (Autumn’s Concerto 2010)








It was the biggest drama that year and for good reason. Despite the cliche and predictability of it’s story, Ady and Vanness‘ chemistry was so good it was crazy! This is a good example of mediocre story but incredible OTP. I think it was that which carried the entire show through it’s ratings glory. Seeing the two of them together plus their adorable kid Xiao Xiao Bin on screen gave me a warm feeling. They felt like an authentic family.


6.Inoue Mao and Jun Matsumoto (Hana Yori Dango 2005)








He’s the quintessential rich, handsome, popular, spoiled kid with a temper to boot! She’s the hardworking, good-hearted, strong and plain looking outsider. Two wonderful characters from a classic manga series. They are the Japanese version Tsukasa Domyoji and Makino Tsukushi who’s love story was like Cinderella and Prince Charming who beat the odds together despite their wide status gap. He sacrificed so much just to be with her and she fought just to have him back. Matsu Jun and Inoue Mao have amassed solid shippers who support them till this very day.


7.Baifern Pimchanok and Mario Maurer (Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2010)








Not a from a drama but a movie. I just had to include this. It totally caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready to fall in love with it but I did! How could I not? When I could pretty much relate to the story of an unpopular high-school nobody (P’Nam) who carries a torch for the handsome “it” guy on campus (P’Shon) all the way from 7th grade to 9th grade. And talk about chemistry! Theirs was off the charts! Watching it was like a trip down memory lane with a bonus. Mario Maurer is one heck of a looker!


8.Lee Yo Won and Kim Nam Gil (Queen Seon Deok 2009)








Bet you didn’t expect this choice! Didn’t you? Nobody thought that Bi Dam will steal the thunder from General Yoo Shin with his insubordinate ways along with Queen Seon Deok‘s heart. It was a love line that (almost) came out of nowhere but so damn effective I was on board when it started sailing. I mean, that final scene when Bi Dam died calling Seon Deok by name and she was trying so hard not to run to him. I cried a river and cursed the writers for killing him off like that. But I know it has to be that way.


9.Liu Shi shi and Nicky Wu (Bu Bu King Xin 2011)








Chemistry.These two knocked it out of the ball park! I bet nobody expected that Nicky Wu who played 4th prince Yin Zhen and Liu Shi shi as Martai Ruo Xi would have this magic between them thus making the series into a phenomenon and propelling their individual careers up. They even got best couple award left and right not just in the mainland but other parts of the world. If that is not reason enough for their super hot chemistry, I don’t know that is. But such sad fate. But maybe there’ll be a happily-ever-after in its (supposed) sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing.

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Ariel Lin Enjoys the Simple Life in the UK

After finishing her promotional duties for the hit series King of Lan Ling <兰陵王> and gracing numerous endorsements in Taiwan, Ariel Lin packed her suitcases and flew straight to the UK. She had been wishing to study and take a break for a long time but didn’t have the time due to her hectic work schedule. She has worked non-stop since her debut. Most stars choose to study in Europe or in the US away from the public’s prying eyes and to experience a normal day to day life however short-lived. Last month Jolin Tsai did the same and Chen Qiao En vacationed in New York early this year. But of course they cannot completely go stealth. And thanks to weibo, we can actually get a glimpse of them every now and then.

Recently Ariel uploaded a few pics on her personal page on weibo. She’s wearing casual clothes, big black rimmed glasses sans make up while enjoying a leisurely walk in the park on a beautiful sunny day in Greenwich. She looks absolutely carefree and pretty. I think she’s one of the few celebrities blessed with youthful looks. It’s probably because of her small frame and her ever present smile. Some people are asking whether her rumored boyfriend came along for the trip. I bet he did!

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Wu Chun Finally Admits, He is Now a Father and a Husband


Why am I not surprised about this at all? I guess it’s because it’s been common knowledge since forever that he is in fact committed to his high school sweetheart. I remember this news was so big back in 2011 but he downplayed it then and his agency denied it. I, myself actually believed it then. Flash forward 2013 — with a new book coming out tomorrow, aptly titled 決定勇敢 “Courageous Decision” he finally decided to come out in the open about his personal life. The press conference will be held tomorrow wherein the press is expecting him to confirm this news which is in fact already posted on his official website.

What news you ask?
He is married to his sweetheart of about 18 years whom he meet at the age of 16 and a father to a 2 and a half year old cute baby girl. Yes, the once Fahrenheit member is a husband and father. He said that the reason for his denial in the past was to protect his family from public scrutiny. I totally understand where he’s coming from. The public can be really scary and over zealous at times. Mayhaps, he just didn’t want the papz snapping pictures of his wife and daughter. But some fans are of course crying themselves to death and mourning their loss. What loss?! Good riddance! Get a hold of yourselves (crazy) women. The guy deserves to be happy! So be good and be happy for him.

I remember seeing Chun Ge for the first time in Tokyo Juliet (with Ariel Lin). I thought at first -this guy can’t act but sure is cute! He then joined the group Fahrenheit along with Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen and Aaron Yan and the rest as they say is history. I still think he needs some acting workshop until now though.

I too am a (zealous) fan (not of him though) and I do get jealous when I hear rumors of my “ai ren” rendezvousing with some ladies. We can dream but then we should know what’s impossible and what’s real.

Congratulations Chun Ge and best wishes!

He's taken ladies! Retract those claws!

He’s taken ladies! Retract those claws!

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Ariel Lin Wowed the Crowd at a Fashion Event in Taipei

Now it can be said that King of Lang Ling兰陵王 was a relatively successful drama both in the mainland and in Taiwan. It’s female lead Ariel Lin recently attended a fashion event and eventually became the center of attention as the media asked eager questions about her co-star Feng Shao Feng and of a “rumored” sequel which she both answered in jest. If you ask me, I think she had more chemistry with Daniel Chan (who played the Northern Zhou King). Ariel was daring in her animal print inspired look (from head to foot!) with a see-through plastic skirt and a matching clutch with the same printed pattern.

Other stars who also graced the affair were Nikki Hsieh, Nick Chou, Xiu Jie Kai, Rhydian Vaughan et. al.

Check out the photos.


Nick Chou


Rhydian Vaughan


Nikki Hsieh, Xiu Jie Kai


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