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“Pretty Man” Struggles On It’s First Week while “The Heirs” Soars Higher



While “The Heirs” is enjoying the air up there by its lonesome registering 22.1% (Thursday) it’s highest rating since its debut, the two other rival dramas Bel Ami/Pretty Man and Medical Top Team are wallowing down below with a measly 6.1% and 6% respectively.

It is interesting to note that the spot vacated by Secret which ended it’s run with 20.6% is struggling so much against it’s direct competition. But I think this is to be expected. Pretty Man/Bel Ami‘s core audience are the young adults which are also the core audience of The Heirs. The latter has got the upper hand since it’s already halfway through so most viewers are unlikely to switch sides at this point. Maybe it did manage to snatch a handful of them (or not). Now where did the other 14% go? The question is, who are the 14%? They are the 30-40s and the ahjummas who loved the angsty, convulated melodrama that was Secret. You don’t really expect them to watch a drama centered on a flower boy? How could relate to that? With all these hurdles to overcome, Bel Ami has a steep path ahead. But all is not lost, after all it has just begun and although the story is quite cliche and we have seen Jang Geun Suk playing a narcissistic role (You’re Beautiful), the tandem is fresh and fairly adorable. Maybe it might just work. It is working pretty well for Lee Min Ho (Kim Tan), who after a good many years is wearing a high uniform again just like in Boys Over Flowers (Gu Jun Pyo). It’s still early in the game so Bel Ami still has a fighting chance or it might just go Medical Top Team‘s route and stay below.



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“Bel Ami” Fashionable Individual Character Posters

I could have included this in the gallery for my previous post here but I thought this merits another post altogether. There’s nothing dramatic about the posters nor are they the best I’ve seen. But for one, it is true to its theme. Hip, young, and current. I was not expecting an artsy poster because first of all this drama is considered to be a teen drama. Oh all right, a young adult drama if I may correct myself. The four main leads actually look like they are just having a casual photo shoot.

Jang Geun Suk in my book is one of the best 20 something’s I’ve seen in a suit. He can defnitely make a statement. The hair suits the description of the character and I think he got the physical essence of Dokgo Ma te. He may not be the most beautiful man per se, but he certainly exudes charm as exhibited in his previous work You’re Beautiful. I think the challenge for him is how to make this character different from that characterization.

IU looks as cute as a button with her short coif and head dress. But her yellow dress looks  too drab for me like she borrowed it from her older sister or her mother. The second outfit however is much better. I especially love the very colorful,printed pleated skirt. I need to get me some of those! The yellow sweats plus minimal accessory makes her innocent girlish personality pop out.

Han Chae Young , one word — “va-va-voom” or maybe that’s three. Those sexy serpentine sandals are so fierce she could give Tyra a run for her money. She definitely knows how to highlight her assets. Check out those gams! She’s not called Korea’s living Barbie for nothing.

But Lee Jang Woo, I can’t even begin to comprehend what he’s wearing.! Whoever convinced him to wear that fishnet should be fired and he better hire another stylist. Okay, that maybe just a tad cruel but his outfit is just too much for my eyes to handle. I don’t know if this was a photo shoot for a costume party of what. Or maybe he’s channeling the early 90’s. Please heavens forbid! Don’t let him go on with this fashion faux pas in the drama.

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“Pretty Man” Press Conference with Jang Geuk Suk,IU,Han Chae Young

Photo/TV Daily

Photo/TV Daily


KBS2 TV’s newest primetime Wednesday-Thursday offering Pretty Man예쁜남자 had a press presentation today at the Seoul Palace Hotel. The four leads Jang Geun Suk, IU, Han Chae Young and Lee Jang Woo attended the event. The man behind the “flower boy” dramas (Flower Boy Next Door, Flower Boy Ramen Shop) Jung Jung Hwa is teaming up with screenwriter Yoo Young A to bring to life the most beautiful man in the world’s (Dokgo Ma-te) story to life.

During the press conference Jang Geun Suk was asked how IU is different from former leading lady Yoon A whom he has worked with in Love Rain and if she’s treating her any differently since both are singing idols. IU was also asked how she manages her hectic schedule. She’s filming for this drama and still promoting her new album. She said that she’s having fun shooting and reading the funny script gives her enough energy.On the other hand, Han Chae Young was asked how she maintains such a sexy body having just delivered her baby boy three months ago. She does look smashing in the gold fitted short dress. But I prefer IU’s simple, classic black and white ensemble. She looks both cute and ladylike. Jang Geun Suk is immaculate in his burgundy coat and freshly clipped do while Lee Jang Woo chose a long black jacket, slim tie, white shirt and skinnies. He looks like he missed a band parade or something. I’m also not quite sure if I hate the hair or not.

The drama was previously known for it’s English title Pretty Man or Beautiful Man but has since adapted the title BEL AMI (FR. beautiful friend). Although at times it may have a different meaning depending on the usage. It may also be used to call ones “boyfriend”. Either way, this is probably the reason why the production team chose this English title instead of its literal translation.

In addition to the four main cast, other cast members include So Yoo Jin, Kim Ye Won, Yang Mi Kyung, Kim Yeong Jae, Lee Mi Young, Park Ji Yoon among others. The first episode airs this Wednesday, November 20th.


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