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Who Wore it Better? Nicky Wu VS Bolin Chen VS Daniel Chan


It’s a three-way battle!

The look: Biker Chic
The Event: OK! Magazine Celebrity Street Beat Ceremony (Shanghai)


It might be cliche but this trend gives a tough yet ultra chic statement. But not everybody can pull it off. Even the most expensive Balmain jacket or a Burberry Prorsum cannot make the man (or woman). Character makes the difference whether you’re walking the street, the ramp or in this case, the red carpet.

Let’s take a look at what these stars have.

Motorcycle jacket, Check. Riding boots, check. Leather pants (or tight fitting black jeans), check. We all know the the jacket is the key element for motorcycle or biker fashion. It’s where you can make a statement.

All three men exude a different aura. Nicky Wu chose to prep it up with a striped tie. Daniel Wu glams it up with a black turtleneck and those boots! I would love to have them myself. He puts the “chic” in biker chic. But I think the gold chain is a tad much. I say lose it. But as far as overall appeal is concerned, I gotta hand it to my boy Bolin Chen. The zipped up leather jacket, black leather shoes, skinny jeans, facial hair and a devilish grin to top it off, make up for a complete cute-meets-rebel look.

Who do you think looks best?


Nicky Wu

Nicky Wu

Daniel Chan

Daniel Chan

Bolin Chen

Bolin Chen

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My Favorite On-Screen Couples/OTP (Part 1)

I’m not a coffee drinker but since it was a cool day I decided to get myself a big cup of cappuccino. 9 hours later, I still feel pretty much awake so I decided to write something to kill time. You already know that I’m a drama addict and my imaginings are filled with it. So here I am on my bed thinking about my favorite drama team ups. Who does that? Weird…I know! I wonder if you object with my choices or agree with them…

So without further ado here they are in random order.


1.Chen Qiao En and Mingdao (Prince Turns Into a Frog 2005)









My MingEn couple! He was the suave hotel CEO Shan Jun Hao while she was the money worshiping lower class girl Ye Tian Yu. Their first encounter was unpleasant but an accident caused SJH to have amnesia and not knowing who he is, he ended up staying with TY’s family. The arrogant guy eventually turned into a hardworking and kind man whom TY fell in love with. It was their first team up and the drama went on to become the highest rated idol drama in Taiwan’s history.They just click like that! They collaborated in many projects since then including Ying Yi 3+1, Let’s Dance, Beauties of the Emperor. Theirs is a beautiful professional partnership. The amazing chemistry they have on screen however, never translated into real life.


2.Ariel Lin and Joseph Cheng (It Started With A Kiss 2005)








Who could ever forget that kiss in the rain? Or the stolen kiss Jiang Zhi Shu gave a sleeping Yuan Xiang Qin? Or that agonizing and embarrassing moment when she mustered enough courage to give him “the” love letter. Their personalities can’t be anymore diffirent yet they were perfect for each other. The drama became so popular that They Kissed Again (get it?).They worked together in another drama Love or Bread(2008) and proved that the tandem is solid.They haven’t collaborated since then and I desperately want to see them together in a drama once again.


3.Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon (Goong 2006)








The mythical Crown Prince of imperial South Korea Lee Shin fell in love with an ordinary high school girl,Shin Chae Kyung, whom he was betrothed to. He was cool, famous and smart. She was messy,unrefined and stupid. But her cuteness and good heart won him over.Their’s was a cute dog-cat sort of relationship that eventually turned into love. It was the first foray into acting of then newbie Baby VOX member Yoon Eun Hye and first team-up with Joo Ji Hoon. Many fans protested about their casting but were proven wrong by their irresistible tandem.


4.Tang Yan and Wallace Huo (Chinese Paladin 3 2009)








Until now I still can’t get over their parting in Chinese Paladin 3 and… that song! The mere thought makes my heart heavy. I guess I just have a thing for undying love. Theirs was a doomed relationship from the very beginning which took them 3 lifetimes to finally accept. Even the gods were against them! She was a descendant of the goddess Nuwa (Zi Xuan) while he is a monk who is destined for immortality (Xu Chang Qing/Gu Liu Fang/Lin Ye Ping) but she was “the” distraction that’s keeping him from attaining it. Doomed and all, I was still rooting for them till the very end. They are indeed a Perfect Couple (2014).


5.Ady An and Vanness Wu (Autumn’s Concerto 2010)








It was the biggest drama that year and for good reason. Despite the cliche and predictability of it’s story, Ady and Vanness‘ chemistry was so good it was crazy! This is a good example of mediocre story but incredible OTP. I think it was that which carried the entire show through it’s ratings glory. Seeing the two of them together plus their adorable kid Xiao Xiao Bin on screen gave me a warm feeling. They felt like an authentic family.


6.Inoue Mao and Jun Matsumoto (Hana Yori Dango 2005)








He’s the quintessential rich, handsome, popular, spoiled kid with a temper to boot! She’s the hardworking, good-hearted, strong and plain looking outsider. Two wonderful characters from a classic manga series. They are the Japanese version Tsukasa Domyoji and Makino Tsukushi who’s love story was like Cinderella and Prince Charming who beat the odds together despite their wide status gap. He sacrificed so much just to be with her and she fought just to have him back. Matsu Jun and Inoue Mao have amassed solid shippers who support them till this very day.


7.Baifern Pimchanok and Mario Maurer (Crazy Little Thing Called Love 2010)








Not a from a drama but a movie. I just had to include this. It totally caught me off guard. I wasn’t ready to fall in love with it but I did! How could I not? When I could pretty much relate to the story of an unpopular high-school nobody (P’Nam) who carries a torch for the handsome “it” guy on campus (P’Shon) all the way from 7th grade to 9th grade. And talk about chemistry! Theirs was off the charts! Watching it was like a trip down memory lane with a bonus. Mario Maurer is one heck of a looker!


8.Lee Yo Won and Kim Nam Gil (Queen Seon Deok 2009)








Bet you didn’t expect this choice! Didn’t you? Nobody thought that Bi Dam will steal the thunder from General Yoo Shin with his insubordinate ways along with Queen Seon Deok‘s heart. It was a love line that (almost) came out of nowhere but so damn effective I was on board when it started sailing. I mean, that final scene when Bi Dam died calling Seon Deok by name and she was trying so hard not to run to him. I cried a river and cursed the writers for killing him off like that. But I know it has to be that way.


9.Liu Shi shi and Nicky Wu (Bu Bu King Xin 2011)








Chemistry.These two knocked it out of the ball park! I bet nobody expected that Nicky Wu who played 4th prince Yin Zhen and Liu Shi shi as Martai Ruo Xi would have this magic between them thus making the series into a phenomenon and propelling their individual careers up. They even got best couple award left and right not just in the mainland but other parts of the world. If that is not reason enough for their super hot chemistry, I don’t know that is. But such sad fate. But maybe there’ll be a happily-ever-after in its (supposed) sequel Bu Bu Jing Qing.

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Harper’s Bazaar Brings Together Rainie, Myolie, Bosco, Bolin etc. for Goodwill

One Cares One 買一善一 which literally traslates to “buy a goood one” is a charity event spearheaded by China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation together with fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar China. Together with 10 famed Chinese designers who masterfully crafted 10 sneakers for different occasions like sports,leisure, stylish, functional etc., launched Bazaar Design Charity which brings together top stars from China, Hongkong and Taiwan including Rainie Yang, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Bolin Chen, Momo Wu, Fu Xinbo etc. The stars put out their unique characteristics and artfully show them in the shoes they are modelling.

The event hopes to help the less fortunate children especially those who reside in the mountains, who are the main beneficiary of the said event. Rainie Yang who has recently launched an album called Angel Wings is particularly active in the campaign expressing her concern for children she said “Let us help the children in poverty-stricken areas so that they achieve their dreams”.

Check out the gallery below.



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2013 BAZAAR Star Charity Night Beijing

The who’s who in the Chinese entertainment gathered for one night for a cause, the 2013 BAZAAR Star Charity Night held last night in Beijing. Chinese superstar Jackie Chan urged the crowd to do more and bid more to help raise more funds. Shu Qi, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Yao Chen, Gao Yuan Yuan, Miriam Yeung, NiNi, Feng Shao Feng, Godfrey Gao, Tong Da wei, Peter Ho, Ady An, Li Chen, Tong Lia, Daniel Chan, Angelababy, Zhang Jingchu, Daniel Chan, Bai Baihe , Huang Bo and many other celebrities assisted the auctioneers by modelling jewelry, brand bags and other valuables to hasten the bidding and helped raise the values. Korean stars Song Hye Gyo who’s active in the mainland attended the affair as well as Superjunior heartthrob Choi Siwon.

The stars walked the blued carpet and were interviewed by local and foreign media alike in their glamorous gowns and suits. By the end of the night the organizers announced that the total donations amounted to more than 62 million yuan.


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Ariel Lin Enjoys the Simple Life in the UK

After finishing her promotional duties for the hit series King of Lan Ling <兰陵王> and gracing numerous endorsements in Taiwan, Ariel Lin packed her suitcases and flew straight to the UK. She had been wishing to study and take a break for a long time but didn’t have the time due to her hectic work schedule. She has worked non-stop since her debut. Most stars choose to study in Europe or in the US away from the public’s prying eyes and to experience a normal day to day life however short-lived. Last month Jolin Tsai did the same and Chen Qiao En vacationed in New York early this year. But of course they cannot completely go stealth. And thanks to weibo, we can actually get a glimpse of them every now and then.

Recently Ariel uploaded a few pics on her personal page on weibo. She’s wearing casual clothes, big black rimmed glasses sans make up while enjoying a leisurely walk in the park on a beautiful sunny day in Greenwich. She looks absolutely carefree and pretty. I think she’s one of the few celebrities blessed with youthful looks. It’s probably because of her small frame and her ever present smile. Some people are asking whether her rumored boyfriend came along for the trip. I bet he did!

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Airport Fashion — September 26

Dressing down is never easy. It takes more than just labels, it’s all about attitude. Casual, usually separates  phoenix from pigeons.

This week on the (airport) runway.


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Cover Wars– Lee Hyo Ri VS Han Hye Jin

It’s the battle of the “missus“. Being a mistress does not stop these 2 from being sexy and glamorous.

Lee Hyo Ri (married to Lee Sang Soon) for ALLURE

3 2 1

Han Hye Jin (married to Ki Sung Yong) for COSMOPOLITAN

4 5 6


photo credit: sina

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Taiwan’s Advertising Kings and Queen — Show Luo on Top


They say that it’s lonely on top but I guess that’s not always true. Taiwan’s number 1 “AD King” this year is no other than multi-media star Show Luo. I’m pretty sure he’s laughing all the way to the bank. He made a total of 17 endorsements (which means you can practically see his face everywhere!) and raked in a total of 489 million yuan. A big chunk of that came from a very lucrative hamburger chain deal (yes it’s that one with a Mac), a clothing brand, a gadget, a facial wash, a tea drink, a hair product, and many others. Coming in a close second is former number one and still “AD Queen” Pop Idol Jolin Tsai who made 411 million yuan out of 15 ads (not bad eh even after taking a long break this year!). Rounding off the top 5 are Lee Hom Wang with 10, 289M, Mayday with 8, 168M and Rainie Yang with 15, 150M, at 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. You may have noticed that Rainie made the same number of ads as Jolin but there’s a big difference in the total earnings. Well that is simple because Rainie’s asking price per endorsement is only 5M yuan while Jolin price is 8M yuan.

Top 5 Endorsement Earners

1. Show Luo – A total of 489 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 6,000,000 yuan Chinese about 33.66 million yuan NT count 17

2. Jolin Tsai – A total of 411 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 8,000,000 yuan Chinese about 31.25 million yuan NT count 15

3. Leehom Wang – A total 289 million yuan, 15 million yuan of Taiwan ˙ advertising price of about 28.85 million yuan China NT count 10

4. Mayday – A total of 168 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 6,000,000 yuan Chinese about 29.45 million yuan NT count 8

5 Rainie Yang – total 150 million yuan, advertising price Taiwan 5,000,000 yuan Chinese about 21.63 million yuan NT count 15


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Airport Fashion – September 16

A girl’s gotta wear what a girl’s gotta wear. Especially if you’re a celebrity, whether it’s just going to the store or meeting up friends for coffee. Everyone’s got their eyes on you. And nowadays there’s a fierce battle going on at the airport –when it comes to fashion the airport is a Runway.

Han Hyo Joo is cool and comfy in black and blue plus a gray trench

Han Hyo Joo is cool and comfy in black and blue plus a gray trench

Girl's Generation Soo Young, Sunny, Yuri, Tifanny (Yoona is MIA)

Girl’s Generation Soo Young, Sunny, Yuri, Tifanny (Yoona is MIA)

Girl's Generation - Soo Young, Seo Hyun, Jessica, Tae Yeon

Girl’s Generation – Soo Young, Seo Hyun, Jessica, Tae Yeon

2NE1's Park Bom flashing her best assets

2NE1’s Park Bom flashing her best assetsRainbow's Jung Yoon Hye - accessorized her casual style with a blue shoulder bagRainbow’s Jung Yoon Hye – accessorized her casual style with a blue shoulder bag

Han Ye Seul can't go wrong in black

Han Ye Seul can’t go wrong in black





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Bae Soo Bin’s Wedding a Star Studded Affair


And their dropping like flies!

Bae Soo Bin who is probably best known for his role in Brillliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance opposite Han Hyo Joo got hitched to his non-showbiz girlfriend, who is 8 years his junior at the Silla Hotel in Seoul this afternoon – September 14.

Some of his former co-stars and celebrity friends attended the affair including: Lee Byung Hun (minus Lee Min Jung) who got hitched not too long ago, Yoo Ji Tae (a fellow ’76 liner) plus wife actress Kim Hyo Jin, his 49 days co-star Jo Hyun Jae and others.

I bet sooner or later we’ll here news of other oppas getting hitched. I’m talking about Won Bin, Hyun Bin, Song Seung Hun, Jo In Sung (and those from their lines) and I’m pretty sure that tears would flow and hearts will be broken. But before them, Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young is up next.

Bae Soo Bin oppa was all smiles during the press conference even joking that he’ll be back after his honeymoon just in time before his new drama Secret/Secret Love 비밀 airs on September 25th on KBS.


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