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Andy Chen Yi as the Legendary Flower Boy Gao Changgong aka Lan Ling Wang


Although he may not have the bravado nor the acting chops of or lack thereof of Feng Shao Feng, I do think that he fits the role much better aesthetically. He IS a “flower boy” and looking at the stills, you could actually understand why he had to cover that pretty face. Unlike FSF, who looks rather manly than delicate.

You could tell he looks good even with the mask on

You could tell he looks good even with the mask on

I remember the scene where Lan Ling Wang and Xue Wu met for the first time while he was taking a bath by the small lake (or was it a falls?) Xue Wu immediately took off her clothes and joined in thinking that he was a woman. I was like, seriously?! Which angle? Just because he had long hair doesn’t make him look any less than a man. It had its flaws, yes, but was still a good series especially with Ariel Lin who makes everything she does wonderful.

Check out those pecs!

Check out those pecs!

Princess of Lan Ling or what I’d like to call the younger version of Prince of Lan Ling, looks promising enough. The core is still the same, that is the love triangle among Gao Changgong-Princess of Lan Ling-Yuwen Yong. But this time, Yuwen Yong’s character takes the lead while Lan Ling Wang takes the back seat.

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Upcoming Mainland Series “Princess of Lan Ling”


Don’t be mistaken. The series has nothing to do with Prince of Lan Ling (Feng Shao Feng, Ariel Lin) although the place where all the events transpired and the characters are one and the same. This series however is adapted from the 2009 novel with the same title by Yang Qian Zi.

Legend has it that if one possesses the Qinglun mirror, peace will be obtained. But on the wrong hands, will bring chaos. It tells the story of modern girl Yuan Qing Suo/Li Ezi (played by Zhang Han Yun) who was sworn to protect the secret of the ancestral mirror. Her journey takes her deep into the Northern Zhou kingdom at the the time of unrest and war during the Eastern Jin Dynasty. She will be caught in the political crossfire as well as love entangles with Emperor Yuwen Yong (Peng Guan Ying) of Zhou and Prince Gao Zhang Gong (Chen Yi) of Lanling.

Princess of Lan Ling 兰陵王妃 is directed by the famous Hongkong director Yi Yezhao and stars Zhang Han Yun, Peng Guan Ying and Taiwanese cutie Andy Chen.

Comparison to Prince of Lan Ling is inevitable since they have the same theme. It is also a tall order to accomplish what the previous has accomplished in terms of success.  From the cast down to production, one can safely assume that this is a modest series compared to it’s predecessor.


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Seven Friends, Upcoming Idol Drama with Fu Xinbo

Seven Friends 七个朋友, this drama poses the question — What is a friend for you? Is it someone who eats or drinks with you? Or someone who chases your dreams with you?
The story is about seven youngsters coming from different backgrounds, with different identities, personalities, struggles and dreams and their intertwining fate as they experience hardships, heartaches, family problems and first loves.

Let me give a brief introduction of the characters.

Ze Qin Yong (Fu Xinbo), an honest yet impulsive guy of 24.He likes straight talk and doesn’t like beating around the bush.He acts first, think later.He may not be good in school but has integrity in character. He’s always there for his friends no matter the circumstance. He is good at cooking and dreams of studying at France Cordon Bleu College of Education and opening his own Michelin rated restaurant in the future.


Zheng Ya Bai (Chen Yi), Chen Yong’s high school classmate. The son of a CEO and successor to the family business. He has a brilliant mind, gifted and bold, yet cynical and can be over-confident. On the outside he displays an uncaring, egotistical and selfish person who only loves himself in order to conceal his inner insecurities. He wants to be his own man and is unhappy about being a successor.



Ren Dong Jie (Chen Jian Hong), an only child to a wealthy yet absentee parents. He has an eccentric personality and does not like to be in a crowd.He loves writing and relies on it for a living.He has a gentle personality and can be sentimental and shy. For him making virtual friends is easier than making one in the real world. he spends his time on the computer.



Xun Jian Ming (Tang Zhen Gang), not very good in school and a troublemaker. However he’s a smooth talker and believes that his eloquence will lead him to success even if he does not work hard. He can be unscrupulous and boastful. He dreams of becoming a millionaire and be surrounded with beautiful women.He competes with Ya Bai for Nana‘s heart.



Gu Jun Ye (Liu Xin),tomboyish, rebellious and cool.Loyal and true to her friends. She seems to be uninterested in men but has been holding a torch for A’Ze yet she dare not confess her true feelings. She wants to prove that women are as good as men.She shares a dream with A’Ze in studying at the prestigious French culinary school and hopes of becoming a restaurant manager in the future.

Qu Xing Tong (Ren Rong Xuan), innocent and kind-hearted.  A’ze‘s friend and Ya Bai‘s high school classmate. She grew up in a simple home with only her mother raising her. She’s sometimes bullied by colleagues owing to her good-natured personality.She always sees the good things in people. However, she is hesitant in love because she does not want to cause rift among friends.

Fu Zhen Xi (Theresa Fu), beautiful, sexy and has always been popular with the boys.She thinks that boys are just ornaments and nothing can be more important than her sisterhood. She comes from a rich family with 3 equally pretty sisters and a gossipy mother. She seems to value money and status most yet wants true emotion.

It was aired in the mainland this summer and will be broadcast over CTV in Taiwan early next and in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.

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