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Hear Me: A Heartwarming Unconventional Love Story

Hear Me Official movie poster

Hear Me Official movie poster

Who has not seen this movie? Raise your hands! If you haven’t, you better buy the DVD, download it or just watch it on line. I’m telling you, this movie is a  must-see. It’s not over glossed, overly hyped or formulaic like most movies nowadays are. Hear me 听说 is a beautiful, simple and heartwarming movie. It was released in Taiwan in 2009, directed by Cheng Fen fen.

There are many reasons why you will enjoy this movie.  First of all it’s a love story. Who doesn’t love a love story? But this kind of love story is so cute and innocent that it makes you remember your first love.  Second, the actors are great. Ivy Chen even won a best actress award for this role and Eddie can disarm you with his boyish charms.  To be honest, they are two of my favorites but I’m not saying this movie is great just because I love them.  Lastly, it’s interesting to see that communication is not only through words.


A Quick Recap.

The story is about 2 sisters, older sister Xiao Peng (Michelle Chen) who’s aiming to be part of the Deaflympics swimming team and younger sister Yang yang (Ivy Chen) who supports her older sister in every possible way, taking odd jobs just to earn money. This peaceful dynamics between the 2 sisters is tested when Tian Kuo (Eddie Peng), a young man who sells bento lunches, came into the picture. He takes an interest in Yang yang and soon the 2 of them develop a special relationship.

But when Xiao Peng’s life was endangered due to a fire in the neighborhood, younger sister Yang yang blamed herself for not being present. She feels that she has been drifting away from her so she decided to avoid Tian Kuo.

Soon after, Xiao Peng realizes what Yang yang has been trying to do for her and encourages her to live her own life.  But, despite her strong feelings for Tian Kuo, Yang Yang is hesitant to accept him because he is also hearing-impaired, or so she thought. It turns out that TK and YY can both hear and speak. It was just a misunderstanding from the very beginning. The story ends in a hopeful note, with Xiao Peng going back to win a medal at the Deaflympics with the couple (TK and YY) supporting her all the way.

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